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As you probably know, my finance and I went to Bali back in February, and I really feel that I should share with you our experiences of the places we visited. We were not particularly adventurous and were really after a relaxing experience, and as such we really only visited a few places, but I will share a few with you today.








We stayed at The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa, and it was really nice. The atmosphere was really relaxed and the staff were lovely and accommodating. As you can see in the pictures below they had a magnificent pool that had four tiers as well as their own beach section with beach sand, umbrellas and sun lounges. They also had a really nice sunken pool bar, where they served amazing mojito’s in different flavours such as; lychee, strawberry, watermelon and mango! Other facilities offered at the resort included; a spa, a gym, tennis court, cinema, a restaurant and an activities desk. We visited the spa while we were there and Kody and I had a fantastic couple’s fragrant massage, it was so good that Kody went back for seconds the same day! On the days with occasional rain I really enjoyed ordering a hot chocolate for room service and reading my book on the balcony, it was still warm outside, but it was nice to watch the rain patter down over the pool. Hot chocolate was not the only thing we ordered for room service, we regularly ordered food up to our room, and everything was delicious, I thought there was a particular irony to us ordering two Aussie burgers to our room (see above) while in Bali!





We also went exploring Seminyak Square on a few occasions, we found a few cute shops,  but we didn’t buy much. We did however eat the most delicious gelato in Seminyak, and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the shop, Kody had the mango gelato and I had passionfruit, it was amazing!

Our absolute favourite place to eat hands down was MozerellA’s! It was within walking distance from our resort and it offered delicious, yet affordable food and cocktails! What really made the restaurant amazing was the staff though, because the restaurant was on the same street as our resort we ended up walking past it multiple times a day, the hostess out the front made sure she remembered our name from the first time we dined with them, and would greet us by name every time we walked past. I also had a few cards made up before I left which explained my allergies, I past one on to the waitress, who took it to the chef, the chef came out to speak with me, and assure me my meal would be safe, after the first visit they never forgot my allergies, I have never felt so safe eating out even in Australia, they were amazing! They also served a delicious selection of cocktails and Kody and I made it our mission to try them all!

I hope this post has helped you plan a great adventure to Bali, and if you are heading over there soon, I hope you have a fantastic time!

Where are your favourite places to visit in Seminyak?
Have you ever tried MozerellA’s?
What is your favourite flavour of gelato?
When is your next big adventure?

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