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I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I know Christmas was over 2 weeks ago now, but this post is late because I have been busy, and to be honest, I was a little hesitant to publish it because I know some people look down on these posts. I’m not trying to be materialistic or trying to brag, I simply love reading these Christmas hauls from other bloggers, so I thought I would follow my lead from last Christmas and post my own haul post. I would also have liked to post a few photos of my Christmas outfit, but alas, I didn’t take any, I was far too busy filling up on delicious Christmas food!

I would like to start this post by sending a huge thank you out to everyone who contributed to my Christmas this year, whether you saw me on the day, wished me a Merry Christmas or gifted me with one of my many amazing presents, thank you so much for being a part of my life and making my 2016 Christmas one to remember!

For Christmas 2016 I was absolutely spoiled by my family and friends, and I was given some incredibly generous big ticket items, as well as many smaller things which I appreciate greatly! One big item that didn’t fit in this post was Kody’s and my brand new Matador 4 burner barbecue from Kody’s mum, we are just completely in love with it and have been using it every opportunity possible!

Cacti Light
This gift caught me completely off guard, but now that I have seen it I can’t imagine not having it, it is just so me! It is just the most adorable little cacti lamp and I am so incredibly grateful that the giver of this gift knew me well enough to pick this out for me.

Burt’s Bees Mango and Beeswax Lip Balm Pack | Priceline
As part of a Secret Santa gift exchange I was gifted a gift card to use at Priceline, oh how happy that made me! Well I went in just after Christmas and saw these Christmas Burt’s Bees Lip Balm gift packs on sale for $5, I knew it was an item I wanted to get on the gift card as these lip balms are usually $7 each!

Satsuma Trinket Tin | The Body Shop
Another Secret Santa gift, from a different gift giver was this divine smelling Satsuma gift set from The Body Shop! This little set contains a Satsuma scented shower gel, soap and body butter.

Hyacinth Placemat | Kmart
Kody bought me this little placemat gift as I recently had to throw out my old one of these and I was actually quite upset about it. I put a pot on top of it which had a large drainage hole, when I watered the plant the water leaked though onto the placemat and it went mouldy. Lesson learned, and I’m very happy to have a replacement!

Fifth Avenue French Tip Nail Kit | Kmart
Another gift from yet another Secret Santa sender was this little french tip nail kit which I received from Roxanne in my Bloggers United AU Kris Kringle package. Unfortunately, as usual, my nails are in terrible shape at the moment so I haven’t had a chance to use this little nail kit.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Richie Extraordinaire – Molto Mauve | L’Oreal Paris
Again in my BUA Kris Kringle package I also received this L’Oreal lip lacquer, it is shiny, smooth, not too sticky and the colour is gorgeous, I tried it today and I really liked it, I can’t wait to use it again and put it to a real test!

Wrist Watch Kit  – Khaki | Hammered Leatherworks
Kody had planned to buy this for me off my Christmas Wishlist, but for some reason or another he didn’t quite make it. But that’s okay because as it turned out Hammered Leatherworks had a 40% off sale for Boxing Day, so I bought it for myself then, claiming it was from Kody after all! Haha!

Metallic Wrap Necklace | Alchme
Kody also bought me this locally made choker wrap while we were at the Ladybird Markets a little while back. It is absolutely perfect for me, it is locally made, a gorgeous accessory, it can be worn as a choker and the silver agate/citrine says that it ” Ignites energy and confidence whilst keeping you grounded. Activates ambition, joy and happiness. Helps give mental clarity”, so in other words, it’s just what I needed!

Mable Platter | Kmart
With a gift card I received from a relative I went to Kmart and bought myself this $5 marble platter, it was on clearance for half price! I think it will me a wonderful addition to my collection of blogging photo props.

Various Chokers | Kmart
I was with Kody when we stumbled across these chokers in-store at Kmart. I’ve been obsessed with chokers lately so naturally Kody let me pick out my favourite styles so he could wrap them up and stuff them in my stocking…

Matador Barbecue Stone | Bunnings
While Kody and I were at Bunnings, collecting our barbecue, we noticed that this barbecue/pizza stone was on clearance for less than 50% off, I had already mentioned how I would like a pizza stone for our new barbecue, so we decided to grab this one while we were there!

Waxworks Salted Cement Citronella Candles | Bunnings
Knowing that we had a new barbecue on the way and that we would therefore be spending more time outside at night this summer Kody took a cue from my summer wishlist and purchased me the citronella candles I had loved!

Lush Duo Pack | Lush
My BUA Secret Santa bought me a limited edition Christmas Lush duo pack as part of her gift to me, I thought this was a great gift because I am such a lush-a-holic! The duo gift pack contained a Santa’s Postbox Soap Bar and a tub of Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion.

Champagne and Chocolates
Management at my workplace gave every employee a nice bottle of champagne and a box of Favourites chocolates! I thought it was such a sweet touch, and I definitely appreciated the chocolate 🙂

MyCurl Extra Large | MyCurl
Another surprise gift this year was this set of MyCurl Extra Large hair curlers, I haven’t tried them out yet, and I’m not sure how they will work with short hair but I am keen to give them a go. I’ve been looking for an easy and effective way to curl my short hair, who knows, maybe this is it?

Madras Link Vinyl Backed Hello Outdoor Mat | Bunnings
This isn’t the exact door mat that I included on my Christmas Wishlist, however, when Kody took me to Bunnings to buy a door mat I saw this one (which isn’t available online) and preferred it to the one I picked out originally.

Scrappy Little Nobody | Kmart
Another gift Kody bought me from my wishlist, my very own copy of Anna Kendrick’s book, Scrappy Little Nobody, I can’t wait to finish the book I am currently reading, Girl on the Train, and start on this baby!

OXX Hair Treatment | Kmart
Again, included from my BUA Secret Santa was this tube of OXX Hair Treatment in the scent Summer Berries and Creme Caramel. It smells divine so I can’t wait to try it out and see how well it works!

Inflatable Bath Pillow
A surprise from Kody this year was this little, but thoughtful gift of an inflatable bath pillow! I’ve really been loving my baths this last year and I think they will be immensely more enjoyable now that I can be a little more comfortable!

Elf All Over Colour Stick – Pink Lemonade | Kmart
My first ever ELF product was gifted to me from Roxanne, my BUA Secret Santa. She sent me a All Over Cover Stick in the shade Pink Lemonade. So far, I have used this product as a blush, but it can also be used as a lip colour and an eyeshadow, so I have some experimenting to do!

Bourjois Blush – Lilas D’or | Priceline
Kody also got me the blush I had been drooling over and I included in my Christmas Wishlist, I’m simply in love with it so far, with the limited use I have had out of it!

Sinful Shine Nail Polish – Yours Truly | Big W
The last item out of my BUA Secret Santa Gift (apart from lollies that didn’t get photographed because Kody ate them literally as I was opening the package!) is this candy pink shade of nail polish called Yours Truly.

Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque Lipstick – Appechissant | Priceline
With the Priceline gift card I got as a Secret Santa present I also bought this Appechissant shade of Bourjois lipstick from my Christmas Wishlist, I even got it at a post Christmas sale, so I have a little left on my gift card still!

Thicker Than Water Skirt | Mura Boutique
In the Boxing Day sales this skirt from my Christmas Wishlist was on sale so I decided to “treat yo self” and I bought my last Christmas present for myself! Totally no regrets!

What did you get for Christmas?
Did you get spoilt by family and friends?
What was your favourite gift this year?

Thanks for stopping by.


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