{Lifestyle} What Santa Brought for Christmas 2017

Santa’s sleigh passed over our roof tops on Christmas Eve, and by Christmas morning a bounty of beautiful new gifts had arrived! Or something like that, so I’m told…

No, unfortunately, Santa skipped my house this year (must be because we don’t have a chimney), instead, I was completely blessed by my loved ones, my family and my friends. I hope that you all were likewise blessed, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

It is not my intent to be materialistic or boastful by publishing this post, I just love reading similar posts from other bloggers perspectives. Since I enjoy reading these posts so much I thought it would stand to reason that others might enjoy reading them too!

I’ve written similar posts each Christmas for the previous two years now, if you are interested you can find my 2016 post here, and the one from 2015 here.

In addition to the gifts displayed in this post I was also blessed enough to receive a large quantity of chocolates, wine and sweets from regulars at my work, as well as a nice box from my employers too… I’d like to say it was enough chocolate to keep me going, but honestly, it didn’t last very long at all!

Indiana Maxi Dress – Blue Noise | Jaase
I saw this gorgeous dress at the Joondalup Twilight Markets back in November while I was admiring it with a friend. Little did I know that she later went back and bought the dress for me, because I liked it so much. It was such a sweet gesture, and she was even thoughtful enough to give it to me a few weeks before Christmas, because she knew I didn’t know what to wear to our staff Christmas party!
I just absolutely adore the relaxed boho style of this dress, in my favourite shade of blue.

Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Leather* | Emma & Roe
I’m going to count this as a Christmas present as I collected it from the post office on the day before Christmas Eve, and it was wrapped and boxed so beautifully it felt like a true gift! It was a beautiful gift, sent to me by Emma & Roe, which it really complimenting my current wardrobe!

Dr. Martens – 1B60 | Salvos Stores
I found a killer pair of brand new, 20-eye, Dr. Marten Boots at a local Salvos store, and I managed to convince Kody that they would make a perfect Christmas present for me! Best of all, he paid less than a third of their retail cost! I can’t wait to wear these soon (it’s been a bit too hot recently!), and style them into my autumn/winter wardrobe!

Local Gift Hamper | Various Boutiques
My mum created a gorgeous local gift hamper, made of all the locally made produce from the little town in the South West where she lives. You know how much I love locally sourced products from small businesses, a perfect gift for me!

This particular hamper included; Dad’s Favourite Sauce and Fig and Ginger Jam from Hazy Hill in Bridgetown WA, I also received a jar of Lemon Butter from Kirup Home Maid, a bottle of homemade (by my ma) grape juice, a packet of Debeezz Neezz Wax Wraps and a Christmas themed tea towel.

Wiltshire Staysharp Triple Rivet Knife 2 Piece Set | Harvey Norman
My mum also bought me a 2 piece, Staysharp, knife set. We were shopping prior to Christmas when we saw it on sale, and she knew my knife set was sadly lacking… This set includes a 15cm blade Santoku knife, and a 14cm blade utility knife, two great general use knives for my kitchen.

Pure Goddess Indulgence Trio Gift Pack | Elements
My mum also saw this haircare gift pack and thought of me. It included a 300ml bottle of Pure Goddess Bath, their shampoo, the same again of Rinse, their conditioner, and a 250g tub of the Pure Goddess Sacred Mask Treatment, all wrapped into a cute little bee print cosmetic bag.

Golden Wonder Gift Pack | Lush
My workplace conducted another Secret Santa this year, and again we all pulled colleagues names out of a bag and sneakily tried to find out what to buy for our recipient. My Santa knew me too well and bought a lush gift pack for me. Knowing that I love Lush products and baths, I was gifted the Golden Wonder pack, which contains two bath products, the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, and the Sunnyside Bubble Bar.

Eco Can Large – Grey | Harvey Norman
When mum and I were at Harvey Normans, buying my new knives, we also saw these quirky, environmentally friendly, travel mugs. They are shaped like soda cans, except larger, and are made from corn, are environmentally friendly, sustainable and compostable.

Dog Treat Jar | Handmade
In the lead up to Christmas I organised a puppy play date for December, to make it a little more festive I put a Christmas spin on it, I invited everyone to wear their Christmas best, and bring a Kris Kringle gift for the pups! It was a huge success, all the dogs looked adorable in their Christmas costumes, and everyone had a fantastic time! One of the Kris Kringle gifts I pulled out of the bag was a handmade treat jar, with a model clay lid, pre-filled with delicious doggy treats! They also received a yellow bone squeaker toy from the Kris Kringle, but unfortunately Charlie got hold of it before it could be photographed and very carefully dissected it, Theo followed up by eating most of the bits Charlie left behind, bye bye squeaker toy!

Avocado Nourish Hand Cream and Nail File | Ocean Keys Nails and Beauty
I decided to treat myself and get a new set of claws just before Christmas, I thought it was so thoughtful when they lady who applied my SNS nails handed me a paper bag at the counter, and wished me a Merry Christmas! It might not be much, but it is such a sweet touch!

Silver Maple Leaf Earrings | Lovisa
My sister bought a pair of these earrings for herself, myself and our mum for Christmas (before we agreed on no gifts), mum is absolutely thrilled that we can all go out ‘twinning’ (in mum speak, that’s wearing matching accessories!), haha!

What did you get this Christmas?
Did Santa listen to your wishes? Did you get what you were after?
What was your favourite present this Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by.



*Products/services kindly supplied for consideration, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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