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So we did it again, everyone said we were brave for getting another puppy so soon, but Charlie needed a friend *que Theo*. Welcome to the family little Theodore! You may have already seen his arrival announcement on my April Counting My Blessings post, but his face is just too cute, he needed an entire post dedicated just for him!

Theo is a Spoodle, the same as Charlie, the only difference is that he is a second generation Spoodle (both parents were Spoodles), whereas Charlie was a first gen Spoodle (mum was a Cocker Spaniel and dad was a Mini Poodle), also Theo is red, while Charlie is called apricot, although I think he is a blonde if I ever did see one!

They are similar in so many ways! They are both the most chilled puppies I have ever seen. When we first got Charlie he was so relaxed about everything (except his separation anxiety), but now that he is older he has wizened up a little and he isn’t quite so easy going. Theo has the same relaxed personality, however he doesn’t have the dreaded anxiety, and is actually acting as a calming influence over Charlie!
Charlie’s separation anxiety was the main reason we chose to get Theo, we had talked about it for some time before Theo became available, and as soon as I saw him I knew he was the one! It was just too unfair on Charlie to be left alone whenever Kody and I went out, especially for work shifts.
I love that they act the same, sometimes they will do the same thing, in the same way, at the same time. They sleep the same, the position their paws and ears are in is usually identical and it is adorable! Even just wagging their tails seems to be synchronised!

Theo wasn’t a pet store puppy like Charlie (thanks god!), instead we found him on Gumtree from a local breeder, it was so nice to be able to go to her house, see the other puppies from the litter and meet the parents! We brought Charlie along just to make sure the dogs would be comparable, and they were! Our breeder, Western Park Spoodles, was a lovely lady who had just fallen in love with her pet Spoodle, breeding them occasionally for the love of the breed, which is the best reason!

About Theodore; he is the same as Charlie in many ways, he is a lap dog and just wants to be with you wherever you are, on your lap or under your feet, as long as you are near! He loves his naps, and Charlie doesn’t seem to ever let him rest for as long as he would like. He is a dreamer, he constantly dreams, and I frequently catch him twitching, licking or whining in his sleep. His bestest bud is of course Charlie and the two are inseparable, I had to take Theo to the vets without Charlie the other day and apparently both of the cried for the first half an hour they were apart. He loves destroying the garden, although I never seem to catch him, and I think he is a smart little pup and eggs Charlie on to do all the naughty things now. He is a nipper and a chewer, nothing is safe, especially if it attached to you! He loves, loves, loves ears! Both dog and human ones and will chew them every chance he can, snuggle him at your own peril! Also, no jewellery is safe anymore, no matter what it is he will try and find a way to get it off you, he has tried pulling off my engagement ring a number of times now! And lastly, so you know he isn’t perfect his farts can (and do) clear a room!

I added the same extraordinary amount of photos of Theo as I did of Charlie in Charlie’s Introducing Charlie Bear post, you know… so there is no favouritism. Enjoy!
I have changed Charlie’s Instagram as well, to represent both dogs, so please follow @Charles_n_Theodore on Instagram, I swear they are worth it.

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