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I absolutely love learning! I have a passion for it, I wouldn’t say that I am very good at it, but I really enjoy the process… Now that I am in my last year of university I am starting to freak out that I won’t be studying anymore, and that I will be in the professional work force instead! Don’t get me wrong, I also have a passion for my chosen career path, conservation, and I am sure I will love working that career once I graduate, however, there is just something about writing assignments, having them graded and listening to lectures that makes me happy!

My point is, even though I love university, I love writing assignments, and I love studying I wouldn’t be close to graduating if I wasn’t organised.

I have written this university study tip series to share my most tried and trusted methods of study, and study preparation with you, I hope you find them useful!


Always study with a clear mind.
Now, by this I mean that if in the back of your mind you are constantly worried that you never did something you were supposed to, you will never fully concentrate on your study. If you have things to do, either do them before trying to study, or if that isn’t possible, write them down on a to-do list and try to forget about them until later.


Set goals and make lists.
These can be immeasurable assets when studying! You might think it is a waste of time and you wouldn’t forget anything, but it is so important to have a nice list with all your assignments or goals on it where you can see it often. I have a giant whiteboard hanging over my desk, and every semester I like to write my units on it, under each unit I have assignments or study that I have to complete, if the assignments are large sometimes I even break them down further, so they appear more manageable. I love the feeling of crossing off tasks from my list and seeing my to-do list get smaller and smaller, it can definitely help if you are feeling overwhelmed.


Colour coordinate your units or subjects.
I choose a colour for each of my units before the semester begins and then buy associated stationary. This semester I have bought notebooks in blue, pink, purple and green, I also bought highlighters, markers and pens in matching colours. I use Microsoft OneNote to store my digital notes, so I colour the digital notebooks in the associated unit colour. Colour coordinating makes it easier to see which notebook you need or what unit you are doing when you are running out the door, and it also make life seem a little more ordered.

Do you have any study tips that you live by?
Are you enjoying this semester?
Do you already use any of these tips?

Thanks for stopping by.

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