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Last weekend I attended a beautiful event, The Ladybird Popup Market at the Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre. This event was a wonderful collection of local, Perth based businesses owned by women. I love the support for local produce and the empowerment for the lady bosses out there! I was so thrilled to attend this market, the atmosphere was fantastic and talent and creativity from all the women attending was phenomenal. Many congratulations to Lisa for organising such an amazing event, I will be sure to attend more in the future, and you should too!




Concrete and Candles

The first stall I visited, and had to make a sneaky purchase from was Concrete and Candles. The stall contained a beautiful array of handmade and hand poured concrete candles, as well as some home decor items such as their concrete gem sets. Their stall was laid out beautifully, with some items displayed on rustic crates, one of the best features at this stall was their ability to accept eftpos payments, and to supply email or text receipts. They were well prepared with some fantastic smelling and looking products!




Next we visited Renae with her wonderful supply of terrarium air plant displays. This stall had a wonderful selection of terrariums, each one unique and different from the next, she has a selection of traditional glass terrariums, as well as geometrical glass containers, right to the modern wire and concrete designs. I never knew there were so many types of air plants! Not only does Renae sell this beautiful collection but she also con create custom home decor and supplies hire displays for weddings and events.






Next stall down the path was this adorable collection of woodcraft’s, potted greenery and children’s accessories handmade by Hope from the Little_Green_Project. Hope had some wonderful wooden stump stools/sides tables as well as some wooden platters which I was seriously tempted by. She also made a selection of bead and animal children’s necklaces which were simply adorable, I know if I had a daughter I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself purchasing one (or two)…



Hello There

Hello There had a unique selection of hard wearing, washable, non-toxic, wood and silicone accessories. I really admired the colour combinations and designs of Helen’s creations, they were beautiful accessories. Helen also had a small selection of home wares at her stall, which complimented her wooden and silicone theme.



Beautiful Backdrops

A completely unmanned (or un-womaned as the case was at the Ladybird Market) was this delightful floral display by Beautiful Backdrops. Beautiful Backdrops supplied this large white backdrop frame completely filled with pastel coloured flowers for attendees to use as picture backdrops. Although it was a little awkward to try and take photos here, as people were constantly trying to walk past I thought it was a wonderful idea.






Merry Maker & Co.

Next I stopped by the amazing floral stylings of Raquel from Merry Maker & Co. I was just in time to see a wonderful workshop wrapping up (literally), I thought it was such a wonderful idea. I really love the way that Raquel incorporates a delicate mixture of native flowers with the more traditional blooms into her bouquets. These flowers were absolutely beautiful, some of the prettiest arrangements I have ever seen (I have seen quite a few as an event waitress and waiting on weddings every weekend), I think I have to make a mental note to myself to research this avenue for my own wedding flowers!





Hunter Gatherer Keeper

I then visited the Hunter Gatherer Keeper stall which had a beautiful selection of handmade macramé wall hangings, plant hangers, dream catches and various other home decor items. Here I seriously considered buying one of the beautiful wall hangings, but decided to resist until I had painted my walls and actually had somewhere to hang it. Instead I settled with an adorable key ring instead!





Pot It Like It’s Hot

Next I visited Jess, the owner and creator of Pot It Like It’s Hot, a wonderful collection of handmade concrete pots and home decor, with style. I had previously seen these unique pots at The Greenhouse Gathering, but still have yet to actually acquire one. Hopefully that will change soon. These aren’t just any old ordinary concrete pot, these have been beautifully styled and created with twists of colour, marble effects, specks of glitter/confetti, metallic paint etc.





The Greenhouse Gathering

I was very pleased to see that Chelsea and the rest of The Greenhouse Gathering were in attendance for this event. I am already very fond of this store, if you haven’t seen it already I wrote a review after my first visit. I thought they brought a great sample of their larger store collection. The girls brought with them terrariums, kokedama’s and of course potted plants and plants yet to be potted. There were many beautiful plants to choose from, but in the end I decided to trust my gut and finally purchase the fiddle leaf fig I had been longing for!





The Sunday Collective

Another brand I was familiar with, due to being supplied at The Greenhouse Gathering was The Sunday Collective with their unique range of hand painted pots and baskets. I really adore the colours and tones that are used in painting these items, I love how they all tie in together and look so succinct together.




Fiddle Leaf Designs

Yet another brand that I had previously seen at The Greenhouse Gathering was Fiddle Leaf Designs by Laura. Laura designs a range of stylish, modern home decor with an industrial twist and at The Ladybird Market she mainly stocked a wide selection of stoneware coasters. I really love the simplicity of her modern designs, the hexagonal shapes have such an impact on the eye.




Flankabyebaby was an adorable stall that stocked children’s leather booties and accessories. Seriously, did you guys see those cute little pineapple and watermelon booties pictured above?! As far as infants are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this!






Lastly I visited Bianko, a jewellery label designed in Perth. Each piece of Bianko jewellery that I saw was incredibly simple and stylish, with delicate and feminine qualities to them. Pieces are made with gold, sterling silver, natural pearls and/or gemstones. If I only had more money to spend that day I think a few items from Bianko would have made their way home with me, I have already added their Stirling Silver Bar Slip Chain Earrings to my wish list.






If you are interested in the products that I just couldn’t resist on the day I have taken a few quick snaps of them. To recap I bought the Strawberry and Champagne granite candle from Concrete & Candles, the wooden bead key ring from Hunter Gatherer Keeper and the beautiful double stemmed fiddle leaf fig from The Greenhouse Gatherings stall.

Did you make it to The Ladybird Market?
What purchases did you make?
Have you heard of these brands before?

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. August 14, 2016 / 8:37 am

    Oh my ! What a beautiful markets! I love visiting the local markets on my days off. (Doesn’t happen often) I honestly love everything that you picked out for yourself! Beautiful!
    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

    • August 14, 2016 / 5:44 pm

      Thanks Tegan, I know what you mean, it can be hard to make time for markets when you have to work weekends! But I think that makes the few you go to all the more exciting!

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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