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I wanted to discuss a topic with you which is very dear to my heart, mental health. Throughout my life I have been surrounded by and struggled with many forms of mental illnesses, and I know that everyone is different, but I want you to know that IT WILL BE OKAY!

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First I want to ask you, are you okay?
If you aren’t then make sure you talk to someone, even send me an email if you think it may help, I will listen. I know that sometimes it is hard to reach out, and even hard to admit the pain when someone asks, but the best thing to do is talk about it with positive influences and people that you love, and love you in return.

Who have you asked today? Sometimes those who appear the toughest, or the happiest are actually hurting inside, some of your friends, family and loved ones my surprise you with their answer.

What should you do if you, or someone you know is not okay?
Talk to friends and family, surround yourself with positive influences, and speak to your doctor about psychological services.

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Also, just a reminder, just because today is R U OK day doesn’t mean that every day shouldn’t be the same, if you are worried about someone, or think that they are hurting, then make sure you take the time to talk to them. This is an issue that some people struggle with every single day, not just once a year!

Have you asked anyone if they are OK?
Have you spoken to your loved ones about mental health today?

Thanks for stopping by.

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