{Lifestyle} Monthly Catch-Up – October ’17

It feels like October has been strangely full on, although, aside from working I haven’t done much extra with my month. I puppy sat, stalked a celebrity, attended a concert and had a whole host of medical appointments to attend. October was a good month though, we saw a lot of family and Kody and I managed to go out to a few fun things too! Exciting times are ahead, and we are another month closer to Christmas, to the new year, and to our wedding! I told you something exciting was in the works! I probably won’t say too much on this topic until after the big day, but then I think it will probably be the centre of my attention for a while!

1. My mum came over to Perth at the very start of the month, and we spent a good few days planning our wedding. It was a lot of fun, and so far hasn’t been overly stressful, even considering that it hasn’t exactly gone smoothly… My mum, sister and I did go dress shopping this month, and found our way into the most beautiful fabric store, it had an entire floor dedicated to bridal fabrics and lace! Can we also take a moment to appreciate my freshly thrifted Moroccans!

2. I get my hair cut every six months, and it was due again. I decided to go shorter than I’d ever gone before and essentially ended up with the back being just a fraction longer than where my hair grows from the nape of my neck! I’m completely in love with it, although there is absolutely no way to tie it out of the way anymore!

3. Kody and I went on a cute breakfast date this month, as we both had gotten up too early! It ended up being a lovely morning out, followed by an even better day! You can see me sporting another new thrifted top, and my fresh new locks!

4. After breakfast we totally “bumped into” (we totally weren’t stalking at all) Alice Cooper! Father of shock rock, master of the stage and complete rock legend Alice Cooper! We spoke with him for a few minutes, got his autograph on our tickets and he invited us backstage after the show!

5. That evening we went to the Perth Arena and watched his amazing performance. He doesn’t just sing and have a band in the background, it was a full experience. He had amazing musicians backing him up, as well as theatrics, fireworks, lights and a few good old stage show deaths! It was a true performance and an amazing experience, I highly recommend his show!

6. After the show we collected our backstage passes and went in to see him, we spoke with him again (he remembered us!), we asked him to sign some more items, and we had a professional photo taken with him, it was amazing, and I’d just like to mention how completely cool, humble, and down to earth he was!

7. This month we put our hands up to puppy sit again, how do we get ourselves into these messes!? Anyone would think that we liked dogs or something! Haha, this time it was Charlie’s blood brother, McClane, and we only had him for two nights! Gosh, I love a house full of puppies!

8. You may recognise these pyjamas from my recently published Spring Wishlist, well I said that I needed button up PJ’s so I went into Kmart and bought myself a pair. Totally loving them by the way, they are lightweight, and the shorts are perfect for this spring weather, the top isn’t too hot, or too cool, it seems to keep me at just the right temperature! This night I was testing out my new PJ’s and watching the Netflix comedy by Jack Whitehall with Kody, it had us in stitches! I love a good stand-up comedy!

9. I hope I got upgraded to domestic goddess level with my dessert making abilities this month! We had a family gathering and I volunteered to bring dessert, I was in a baking mood, so I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way. I ended up bringing two strawberry cheesecakes (Babcias recipe), two pumpkin pies, a lemon meringue pie and a sticky date pudding with a thermos full of hot butterscotch sauce! As you can imagine there was enough dessert for everyone to leave with a food coma and some leftovers!

10. I’m also going to include this little selfie of myself on the way to aforementioned family gathering. I absolutely love the new thrifted shirt I wore, the colours are gorgeous, although perhaps more suitable for Autumn rather than Spring, the fabric feels so soft, and best of all it was only $2!

11. You may have already seen, but this month I had a copper IUD inserted, and I wrote about it on the blog! I really felt like it was the right decision for me, as I never want to go back to a hormonal form of contraception again, if you’re interested in what an IUD is, then you should totally check out my blog post on the subject!

12. You may remember back in August I had an at home sleep study, well due to the results being inconclusive for apnoea I had to go into hospital to do a further overnight study. It was actually incredibly boring, as all I had to do was “lay comfortably” in a dark room and “try not to resist sleep”. I got this. I can’t wait to get my results and see what my next steps are!

What did you get up to this October?
Did you have an exciting month?
Have you ever done a sleep study before?

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