{Lifestyle} Monthly Catch-Up – November ’16

All December I have been super busy and running so behind on blogging! I have so many posts backed up at the moment, events I went to back in October haven’t been blogged about yet, let alone the events from December… Since tomorrow is a new year I’m posting this now to make sure it is out of the way and to try and not start the new year too backed up on blog posts!

November was busy and exciting for me, I had so many choices of what to post about this month, and some items that didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another included; Halloween baths whilst reading The Girl on the Train, my sister stopping over in Perth, pictures from the Fremantle Fashion Collective Show, trying out new Buff and Polish body scrubs, a Priceline makeup haul, a thrift store haul and having one of my cacti bloom for the first time!
Not a hugely exciting array but it all made me smile!

1. Towards the start of the month my friend and I went to the Ladybird Popup Markets at Lakeside Shopping Centre, they hold a market each month and the stalls rotate, so it’s nice to go from time to time to see what is new in the West Australian female entrepreneurial scene. Of course, I spent more money than I intended and came home with a few new plant babies and a gorgeous new handbag from Betty Brown!

2. This November my mum came up for a quick weekend stay and on Sunday morning we took her out to brunch, enjoying the spring sunshine as well as the delicious Eggs Benedict and colourful gardens!

3. That same day (as mum left Perth after brunch) Kody and I went to the City of Joondalup’s Kaleidoscope Light Festival, we had a bit of fun walking around listening to music, watching the light displays and eating festival food! We had a food truck dinner at the festival which was followed up with an egg waffle (which was on my edible bucket list) and some corn on the cob, so much food, we were basically rolling out of there!

4. Just before summer hit I wanted to cool Theo down a little, which meant a complete shave! This time we did it ourselves, it was easier, but more time consuming than we thought. I took a bucket full of hair off him and it took approximately 3 hours to complete, including breaks. He was such a good boy and by the end of it he was basically sleeping though the shave!

5. Finally, on the last day of November Kody took me up to Alkimos to visit the Sprout Hub cafe, a space he knew I had been keen to try for quite some time! It’s a gorgeous little temporary cafe and community space which offers delicious coffee and food as well as a range of locally made products! It was a great little spot to grab a bite to eat.

That was my November, how was yours?
Did you do much in preparation for summer?
Have you been to the Sprout Hub?

Thanks for stopping by.

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