{Lifestyle} Monthly Catch-Up – May ’17

May was busy, but good! The start of the month was absolutely full on as I had eight dogs inside my tiny house, although as they all left the house got quieter, and eventually Kody and I were left in peace. Have a read through what I got up to this May, and be sure to leave a comment, letting me know what you did!

1. This month, in addition to my own two dogs, plus the four puppies I was fostering, I made the brave decision to follow through with a promise I made a few months back, before I had the pups, and puppy sit Cleo and Candy again! This time I had them for two whole weeks, they were darlings, integrating themselves into the large doggie pack at my house, and requiring very little extra work. I mean, once you have six dogs, what’s two more?!

2. It was bittersweet, but this month all my gorgeous little puppies left me to begin their lives in their forever homes! I had found them all homes that I was happy with, I knew all their new owners, and was content that they would be loved and well looked after. But I do miss their puppy mischief and gorgeous, affectionate, natures.

3. With the end of May, winter has officially begun. The cooler mornings, and longer nights meant that I was up and at work to see the sunrise most days. There were so many beautiful mornings this May. Photos and filters really didn’t do these sunrises justice.

4. After Zara, Odin and Terra left, Badger stayed with us for an extra week or so until my sister had finished moving into her new place, which meant that I had lots of one on one time with Badger. We had quite a few nights snuggled up on the couch watching House Rules together!

5. This May I had an Orthodontics appointment, followed by a specialist dentist appointment in the City. It was alright though because Kody treated me to MOP doughnuts on the way home! We each had a breakfast bun, and then bought a huge selection of their doughnuts to Kody’s family so we could try them together, they were phenomenal, I could eat them every day and not get bored! My favourites were probably; Salted Caramel and Spiced Rum, Fireball Whisky and Apple Pie, and Butterscotch Baileys.

What did you get up to this month?
Have you been watching the sun rise?
Perhaps you have tried MOP Doughnuts? What’s your favourite flavour?

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. June 19, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    Ever since I came home from the UK, I have been waking up from 1 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon due to the jetlag, haha. Your dogs are super adorable, and I hope those puppies are given a loving home! It’s so nice of Kody to treat you food and it looks delish <3
    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

    • June 21, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Haha, I don’t blame you Bash! Although I love the early mornings, I also love my sleep ins! Haha!
      My pups are my pride and joy, I love them to bits, so I had to fully vet the potential owners, I’m happy with the choices I made in the end!
      Kody knows the way to my heart… through my stomach… Haha, once you’ve been together for seven years you realise that food is everything! 🙂

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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