{Lifestyle} Monthly Catch-up – June ’16


June was actually relatively calm for me I think. Exams are now done until the next semester and there is time to just relax before throwing myself back into uni next month. I have been pretty productive as well, waking up early most days and getting out of the house instead of being a cave dweller πŸ™‚ All in all I really enjoyed June and I hope that the calmness and order I have finally achieved can be brought into July!


1. First up Theodore had his final vaccinations and has been allowed out of the house. He absolutely loves his freedom and we try to take the puppies out on a daily basis. All four of us (Kody, Charlie, Theo and I) adore our (almost) daily walks at the park. Our local park has a group of dog owners that meet there daily and we spend about 2 hours there on any given day, Charlie plays fetch the entire time and Theo plays with the other dogs or tries to sit in someone’s lap or on their feet! Theo is a big hit with everyone and every dog he meets, he has such a beautiful temperament and everyone loves him, especially children! Where Charlie can be overly excited when he meets kids, he jumps and scares them, Theo remains calm and curls up to any child he can find. It is adorable!


2. In June Kody and I attended the Craigie Indoor Market. While we were there I made a sneaky purchase of two beautiful crystal rock caves and we each chose a delicious cupcake on the way out, Kody chose Koffee Kick and I had the Maple Bacon cupcake! There were some fantastic stalls at this market, and I can’t wait to go to the next one, however I think I may need to save a little more before heading over as I only had a small budget this week. There were some fantastic accessories that I would love to purchase if I had the option to again. I absolutely love supporting small local businesses and this event held a huge compilation of these types of stalls.


3. On the same day as we attended the Craigie Indoor Market Kody and I drove up to Wangara and I stumbled into my new favourite store, The Greenhouse Gathering. This store is a beautiful amalgamation of three creative Perth nurseries, Let it Grow Co., The Birds Nest Co. and The Botanical Home. I have now visited this store twice and bought a handful of items, but I can assure you, my wish list is getting longer and longer. I keep seeing some amazing items that they are selling on Instagram and I can’t wait to go in next and buy some new plant babies! Another thing I love about this store is that they host workshops in their space, I haven’t been able to go to one yet, but they all look amazing and I am saving up to go to one soon!


4. This month Fantasy Fitness, where I do my aerial silks course, had their open day and my friend and I attended to see what other classes were being run. We decided that once we have finished aerial silks we both want to do a course in fitness pole dancing, it is such an intense workout and it looks very impressive! I also wouldn’t mind continuing my poi skills and doing a course in fire arts, they have a range of different fire implements, such as the ones in the demonstration above!


5. As I said earlier, I have been waking up earlier this month, and this has a large part to do with all the extra morning/day shifts I have been doing at the cafe where I work. Although I love my job, and the team I work with I have really enjoyed the change of departments, and I have really loved the shift in my sleep pattern. It has been a dramatic difference from working late nights to early mornings, but I think that deep down I have always been a morning person.

What have you been doing this month?
Have you done anything similar to me?
Are you enjoying the winter break from uni?

Thanks for stopping by.

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    • July 14, 2016 / 12:12 am

      Thanks Charlotte, they certainly are adorable puppies, I just love them to bits, and fire arts looks impressive doesn’t it, is it something you would be keen to try?

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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