{Lifestyle} Monthly Catch-Up – January ’18

I honestly feel like my life is getting busier, and busier…

I know I say each month that it felt busy, but this month tops it! Keeping social, active, working a tonne, and wedding planning has basically taken over my life at this point! I know I haven’t had much time for blogging these last few months, and I have fallen behind my regular schedule (which isn’t too unusual or surprising), but I am still sorry that it has had to take a back seat recently.
I still adore blogging, and once our wedding is over and I have some more down time, and I’m very excited to share it with you all! But for now, let’s just catch up on January!

1. This road trip, down to the Yanchep Lagoon actually took place on New Year’s Eve (so not technically in January), however, since I posted the picture the following day (1st of Jan), and didn’t include it in my December Catch Up post I thought I should include it here! In fact, the next few pictures all took place on the 31st, but weren’t officially posted to Instagram (where I get my catch-up topics) until January…
This particular outing was a quick road trip up to the Yanchep Lagoon, we went down to soak up some sun and to get a few pictures for my recent Emma & Roe post too, it was a bit windy, but still a lovely day!

2. Although it was a windy afternoon, Yanchep Lagoon was beautiful! I always enjoy being in the sunshine, feeling the sand between my toes and hearing the waves crash upon the shore… It’s a happy place for my soul!
The shoot didn’t quite turn out as planned (forgot to charge my camera battery, left the spare at home and let my phone run out too, so all photos had to be taken on Kody’s old iPhone), and the wind was not in my favour, but I am glad we made it down to the Lagoon, as the more remote and exclusive location meant I was a little less self-conscious posing for the camera. I still don’t think I’ll ever fully get used to it!

3. After my photoshoot at the Lagoon, I drove to drop Kody off at his mates for New Year’s, but I allowed myself to be coaxed into the deliciously heated pool while I was there! Seriously, the pool was at roughly 27C degrees, that is my ideal temperature!

4. The next day we piled into the car and headed down to the dog beach to have a nice little play date with some other Oodles we know, Penny the Cavoodle and Chook the Spoodle. Penny was timid of the surf, and I’m sure it’s due to her smaller size, but she basically refused to join the others in the water, Charlie, Chook, and to a lesser degree even Ted all enjoyed a good game of fetch in the crashing waves!

5. January also saw us through at least one family board game night. We brought out our current favourite game, Unfair, and had a blast trying to see who could make the biggest rides and most successful theme park! I kinda suck at this game; however, I always find it fun. Perhaps I enjoy it so much because I had a copy of the Circus Tycoon computer game as a kid, and this is just a paper copy which allows you to play with others!

6. We rescued a stray dog this month. We saw him walking along the side of the road and decided to stop, it ended up taking about two hours, but in the end, we coaxed him out of hiding with some raw kangaroo sausages… Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing a collar and his microchip details were out of date, so the vet said he would be passed onto the rangers in the morning and wait in the pound until either his owner collected him, or a new home could be found… so sad… Guys, I can’t stress this enough, make sure your pets microchip details are up to date!

7. The boys have an odd obsession with trying to sleep on piles of clothes (or bedding, towels, anything fabric which has landed on the floor), this January Kody and I decided to clear out his wardrobe, and where is Charlie? One the pile of reject clothes we are continuously adding to… He did not mind at all that more clothes were still being added on top of him, he was in a sweet, dreamy state of bliss!

8. Another evening spent at the beach. I’m making good on at least one of my 2018 goals! This trip was with friends too, instead of another dog beach, and the water was amazing!
We went down on the evening of the Perth thunderstorm and it was just magical. Of course, the air was still hot and sticky, and the water was warm from the hot summer sun, but if you looked across the water in either direction you could see rain coming down from the clouds, and the occasional flash of lightening too. However, we were swimming in a calm patch, and it didn’t begin to rain until after we ate our fish and chips on the beach and it was too dark to see…

9. Do you remember Luigi from last month’s catch-up? Well he came back for a visit and a cuddle this month! He has officially already outgrown Charlie, and is a whopping 13kgs, poor little darling is teething, but he has a gorgeous and gentle nature, and OMG that puppy smell!!!

10. Aaaannd… back to the dog beach!
The boys are absolutely loving their almost weekly beach trips, and they have both now become enthralled by fetch. It used to just be Charlie with a passion for tennis balls, but since Theo has become a bit bigger and faster, and can now hold his own against Charlie he has a newfound love for the game!
They have become a lot better at the beach now too, we of course let them off the lead when we get there, and they are so focused on their game they hardly pay attention to the other dogs.

11. The boys had another quick trip to the vets; my poor boy Theo had another ear infection… He is very prone to them, and we must wash his ears out after every trip to the beach, any time he gets wet, plus a regular clean once a week. But even that doesn’t always prevent them…
He wasn’t too upset about going to the vets though, it’s one of their favourite places, and there were a few other pups in the waiting room for them to play around with while we were waiting!

12. Ear infection has cleared up, so it is back to the beach! I wasn’t keen on swimming this day, but it was still gorgeous laying in the warm sand and soaking up the sun! I basically napped on the shore while Kody and his brother entertained the dogs, or did the dogs entertain them?!

13.This month it has all been about the small things that have made me smile, I was happy to be able to capture one such moment. The moment a willy wag tail greeted me home! He was doing a gorgeous little dance on our letterbox as I pulled into the driveway and it just made me stop and smile!

14. I finally underwent my periodontics surgery this January, something I’ve been putting off for the longest time, so I’m happy to have it finally completed! I have had dramas with my teeth for ages now, and the end goal is braces, but first they needed the tooth stuck under my gum to be exposed. That was what they did in this surgery. I’m a little mad at myself for putting it off for so long, the surgeon was fantastic, it didn’t hurt at all, recovery time was great, and the stitches have already dissolved by the time I’m writing this!

15. On the 31st of January, Perth (and various other locations around the world) were blessed enough to view the Super Blue Blood Moon. Kody surprised me by taking me and the boys down to the dog beach in Yanchep, we had a takeout picnic, followed by laying on the sandy shore, watching the sun set and the stars come out as the dogs slept beside us. We spent a few hours laying there peacefully, watching the various stages of the eclipse. It was a gorgeous experience!

What did you get up to this January?
Did you see the Super Blue Blood Moon where you are?
Have you been making the most of summer and going to the beach often?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. February 12, 2018 / 11:23 am

    Oh what a magical month! Anything with a lot of beach time is a good month I find! We have to be water free at the moment (long story, neither of the boys have medical clearance for swimming) so the current heatwave is tricky, as I just want to go jump in the pool. Being near water always relaxes me, particularly the beach 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 With the heatwave starting we had a quiet one. So hot today too, ugh!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. February 12, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    Wow your January was seriously much more exciting than mine!! It’s so nice to be able to get away for a mini vacation, wish I had this year but I know what you mean about being busy, plus time does go SO fast its February already!! I too love getting to the beach, but am always prone to ear infections so kinda takes the fun out of actually swimming..but the sand is always nice to sit. Good luck with your wedding planning XO

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