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The last month of 2015 has officially drawn to an end. It is over, and 2016 has begun! I hope everyone had a fantastic year, and although it was tough it had a lot of highlights. December has been incredibly busy for me, you may have noticed that I stopped blogging a couple of weeks ago because I just couldn’t keep up, but now that Christmas is over and we have headed into a new year I am hopeful that I will be able to blog more regularly in 2016.

I have structured this post by date order to give you a little insight into my December while I was on my blogging break.

Charlie Puppy Class

1. Puppy Classes, they are amazing! We signed Charlie up to a 4 week socialization class as soon as we could and both Charlie and I have a blast every week! The classes are run through our vet and each week about 10 to 15 puppies and their owners attend. We get mini training lessons and tips but mostly we just let the dogs off lead to run around and go crazy with each other! They are all too adorable. Charlie was one of the only dogs who had already had interactions with other dogs, and because he plays with Archer every day he was ready to play rough with all the bigger puppies and hold his own when they pushed him over. He is a little dog with a big heart and lots of courage! I’m also going to brag a little and say that Charlie is also one of the most well trained puppies in the class, he always listens to the commands during training, although good luck to you if you try to get his attention during play time!

Force Awakens

2. You may remember that I mentioned how excited I was that I would be attending the midnight screening for The Force Awakens back in my Counting My Blessings post for October. As you probably know (if you viewed any social media service in December) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released this month, and therefore, Kody and I were among the first in WA to view it. Kody dressed up as Luke Skywalker and I made my own R2-D2 costume for the midnight screening. Hopefully you will see more on that DIY process soon!
I really don’t want to give away any spoilers to the movie, just in case there is anyone left out there that still cares about Star Wars but hasn’t had a chance to see it yet, but I will say that as a casual fan I loved it, I really thought it was a fantastic movie, and Kody, as a hard core fan also loved it! But that’s all I will say for now.

Christmas Party

3. Just before Christmas our work hosted a Christmas party for all the employees, although it was more of a Christmas dinner than a party. Dinner or party, it doesn’t really matter to me, it was still a nice excuse to get dressed up, hang out with friends, get into the Christmas spirit and drink wine!
I wore a maxi dress that I bought with my sister in February when I went on my Melbourne escape, and Kody looked so handsome in his charcoal suit. I also trialled my new L’oreal lipstick that night, and I think it is safe to say that I am in love! It was the L’oreal Infallible 24hr lip colour in Cerise and it was fantastic! I applied it before I left, around 4.30pm and it was still going strong when I got home around 11pm, no touch ups required. Considering I bought it on sale for only $12 instead of the usual $30, I am extremely happy with it!

6 Years

4. On Christmas Eve Kody and I celebrated our sixth anniversary together. It has been one hell of a ride, but there is no one else I would have preferred by my side for the last six years of my life! He has stuck by me through some of my best moments and most exciting accomplishments, as well as my worst of times and downfalls, he has always been there when I needed him!
This year we decided to keep our anniversary low key, and since Christmas was the following day, and we already had Charlie, we also decided to skip the presents this year. Instead we went to dinner at a nice restaurant by the ocean, White Salt. To be honest we chose the restaurant because Kody had won a $100 gift voucher as a door prize at our work Christmas party, but I am so glad we have now found this great gem! The decor could use an update, however the location, view, food and service could not be faulted!
After dinner we crossed the street and tried to go for a beach walk, however, the wind was too strong and we were getting sprayed with sharp sand. Instead we grabbed a box of Krispy Kreme’s (we declined dessert at White Salt) and headed home for our Christmas Eve tradition of family board game night! Perfect day, perfect Christmas Eve, perfect anniversary.


5. Last but not least I am so grateful for Christmas and the family time I was blessed with this year. Although I worked a double shift on Christmas and didn’t actually do anything on that day my Christmas was covered in the days following. On Boxing Day my mum came over from Bridgetown and we went to dinner at Kody’s grandparents, then the following day Kody and I went out to dinner to celebrate Christmas with my mum, dad and brother at a restaurant. My mum then stayed with me from Boxing Day until the second of January, and it was really nice to be able to spend time catching up with her.

What did you get up to this December?
Did you have a nice Christmas and New Year’s?
Where you able to spend quality time with your friends and family?

Thanks for stopping by.

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