{Lifestyle} Monthly Catch-Up – April ’17

April has been crazy and full on, basically, as you will see further down, we had a split-second decision to foster four young puppies whose mother had rejected them. They required a lot of time and energy and my April was solely dedicated to caring for them. I don’t regret my decision to take them for a moment, but I’m quite glad they are being rehomed very soon! I can’t wait to clean my house and get my life back!

1. At the very beginning of April Kody, my sister and I all went on a scenic road trip down south to visit my mum in Bridgetown for a belated birthday celebration. We had a great few days, enjoying the countryside, and the gorgeous autumn weather, shopping in all the boutique stores, devouring a delicious lunch at The Cidery and even fitting in a quick 30-minute massage for the girls!

2. At the very end of our Bridgetown trip we visited a farm that my mum was working on and we found four alive puppies, who were only a few weeks old, living under an abandoned cottage. The mother had rejected them and had recently stopped caring for them, the farmer didn’t know what to do with them, so I raised my hand and opted to take them home with me. I knew it would be a very involved task, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for exactly how full on it would be. I love all my babies, Zara, Badger, Terra and Odin, very deeply, but if I’m being honest, I’m very relieved that they are going to their new homes soon!

3. This April, my sister, Kody, and I managed to go to the Yak Ales Perth Barbecue Festival 2017, which I spoke about in my Autumn Wishlist post. It was a truly delicious experience, and one that I would do again in a heartbeat! We went around 6pm, which was probably a bit late in the day as some stalls had already sold out of menu items, but it was also good because the stalls discounted their food to ensure it all sold by the end of day. We went to a variety of the barbecue stalls, ordering delicious sample plates and sharing them out between ourselves to ensure we all got to taste everything! There was some phenomenal barbecue there people!

4. I got myself a new set of claws this month! I chose a dark navy blue, which I have had, and loved, before. However, this time I decided to go with an almond shape, instead of my usual rounded square, and I really love this shape, I think it really helps to elongate my fingers. Again, Venus Nails in Clarkson have outdone themselves.

5. This April we also had the pleasure of witnessing my cousins wedding. It was a gorgeous autumn day in Freo that they chose, and the ceremony had a spectacular view of the Swan River, as did the reception. Of course, the bride, my cousin, looked breathtaking, and my sister and I were struggling to hold back tears as her and her new husband exchanged their personalised vows. It was a gorgeous day!

What did you get up to this April?
Have you fostered puppies before?
If you did, how did you find it?

Thanks for stopping by.

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