{Lifestyle} Favourite Things – April ’17

I had a few favourites this month, a few new things, and a few that I’ve had for a while. This month there is a fairly well-balanced variety of items, from fashion, skincare and beauty, to home decor, a new plant and even pet supplies! I can’t wait to get stuck into some of these products with you!

Vintage Windsor Smith Boots | Thrifted
I went to two swap meets this April, and at one of them I scored this gorgeous pair of vintage Windsor Smith boots for only $1! They have quickly become a favourite and staple addition to my wardrobe.

Aloe Vera Pot Plant | Bunnings
As a barista I deal with a lot of boiling water and hot instruments, this April I managed to spill a mug of boiling water down my hand and I sustained a nasty burn. On the way home from work I picked up this little plant baby for its medicinal properties and to help aid my recovery, aloe is so soothing on burns!

Wrist Watch Kit | Hammered Leatherworks
You may have seen the recent review I wrote about this watch, and if you had you would know that I’m absolutely in love with it and it has become a daily addition to my wardrobe. While I still love my The Horse watch, I love having another coloured watch to add to my, hopefully, growing collection.

Healing Balm | Mum in the Forest
Whilst in Bridgetown in April I picked up this little jar of Healing Balm from a local store called The Bridgetown Loft. Gorgeous store filled with handmade products from local creatives by the way! I bought this balm for the aforementioned burn, as it was scaring quite badly at the time. I rubbed this in every time I thought to, and what do you know, no scar! Couldn’t be happier!

Puppy Collar | Red Dot
Again, something else I brought back from Bridgetown, four abandoned puppies… They were quiet the commitment, and now they are gone I am enjoying my peace and quite, although I would do it again in a heartbeat if needed. When they were about 4 weeks old we started getting people interested in adopting them, so I went to Red Dot and bought 4 different coloured collars for each of the puppies. They were such a useful tool for the new adopted parents to see which baby was theirs at first glance, although we could always tell them apart. We got green for Badger, Blue for Odin, Red for Zara and Orange for Terra.

What have you been loving lately?
Have you ever used Aloe Vera on your burns?
Did it work for you?

Thanks for stopping by.

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