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In this crazy and stressed out world we live in it is so important to take time out and concentrate on yourself. Meditation can be an invaluable tool against the effects of mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression, and it can also be so beneficial to the regular Joe as well, who just needs a little time out.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Exhale Mindfulness Studio by the owner and instructor, Amelia. In an effort to be a more transparent and open blogger I accepted, hoping to share my experience of this guided mindfulness meditation session with you all, and to disclose how it affected my mental state and if it had an impact upon either my anxiety or depression.

This post is only a first impression of the studio, as I have only completed one thirty minute session with Amelia, and I am eagerly awaiting my return session.

On first impression, the studio is a small, but bright and inviting space. I had an evening class, however, it was still bright enough that the evening sun was pouring through the studios windows. There was a calming scent of lavender in the air and just walking into the room made me feel more at ease (city driving tends to tense me up, it’s definitely something that makes me anxious).

Amelia was warm and welcoming and instantly started chatting to us, and other members of that night’s class, about meditation, the science behind it, her background, and the studio. We left our shoes at the door and crossed the threshold.

Generally, I am not able to comfortably sit cross legged, it’s just something I’ve never done, and I’ve never been comfortable with. However, the seating Exhale provides is excellent. The zafus (cushions) and zabutons (mats) provided are extremely comfortable, and there is a collection of extra zafus and pillows at your disposal. Amelia starts the session by informing everyone that there is no right position in which to practice mindfulness, and to get comfortable however you can.

The meditation itself was an experience I would like to return to again and again. The calming tone of Amelia’s voice helped to melt away the others in the room and I almost felt alone, at peace. After class I told Kody that I kept thinking I was almost falling asleep because I kept being ‘jolted’ back to reality by my body. He told me that that is a shot of adrenaline the body releases when it thinks the hearts rate has dropped too low. Pretty cool, right?!

I have a few more sessions to attend at the Exhale Mindfulness Studio, so I am hoping to write another post in the future, letting you all know if it had any lasting effects on me and my mental state.

If you live in Perth and just need a few minutes to unwind and de-stress then I highly recommend that you take a session with Amelia at the Exhale Mindfulness Studio. Your first session is free, what have you got to lose? Book your session now!

Have you tried guided meditation before?
Have you been to the Exhale Studio?
What are your thoughts on mindfulness meditation?

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