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I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!
I absolutely love being nosy and finding out what everyone else did on Christmas, and what they received as gift, I love it when other bloggers show off their Christmas bounty so I thought I would do the same.

Now, I already gave you a little insight into my Christmas in the counting my blessings post for December, so this post will focus on my Christmas outfit, or should I say Boxing day outfit, I wore my work uniform on Christmas, not majorly exciting, and my Christmas haul as I like to call it.
Obviously I didn’t fit every gift into this post, there were a few left out for various reasons. In fact nearly all the gifts I received from my immediate family didn’t make it into this post as I couldn’t photograph them. My brother decided to fix the central locking system on my car as my gift, a huge thank you for that. My sister hasn’t sent my gift yet, although rumour has it that it will be a nice new leather camera bag! And my mum gave me money, with which I have ordered a few things which haven’t arrived yet, such as a giant 1.2L thermos and a necklace from Emisa Collections.


MNB Diary 2016 | Lorna Jane
With Christmas money that I received I decided to start off the new year right with this gorgeous 2016 diary from Lorna Jane. It has a beautiful weekly view of 2016, along with yearly and monthly views available as well. At the beginning of the year it asks you to fill out some goals and plans for the coming year and how you aim to achieve them, then it asks you to reflect on them at the end. It also has monthly recipes and a beautiful and practical planning page at the beginning of each month where you are able to fill out monthly goals, budgets and to do lists.

Self-Tanning Foam | Bondi Sands
I had been meaning to try out the Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam for a while now and some gifted Christmas money was just the excuse I needed to purchase myself a bottle. Although I thought I wanted to try the dark tan, I decided to ease myself into tanning with the light/medium toned tanning foam, so far I have used it once and loved it. My skin looks golden and sun kissed, and the coconut scent was really nice, I didn’t smell strongly of fake tan afterwards!


Make-up Brush Holder | Maange
Now this is a really genius little surprise gift that I received. I’m not actually sure where mine was purchased, but I have found one on eBay which I have linked to this post. You might be a little confused with what it is, I was when I opened it up, but it is actually a make-up brush holder to use once you have washed your brushes so that they can be dried upside down, preserving the brush. Isn’t it an awesome idea?

Unlined Leather Mini Duffle Cross Body Bag | ASOS
This item was on my wish list, and I am so glad I got it! It is just a simple and tiny leather draw string handbag, perfect for quick trips and when you don’t want to lug around your entire handbag, and it is just large enough that my epi pen fits snugly inside… perfect!

Performance Legging | KI PRO NYC
I also got these gorgeous workout leggings for Christmas. I haven’t tried them out yet, don’t judge me, I’m in holiday mode, but they look beautiful and fit nicely when I tried them on. I also really love that they have a zipper pocket on the front thigh and an awesome little secret key pouch inside the waistband!


Cake Stand | Avago
This cake stand is the perfect combination of delicate and elegant mixed with sturdy and practical. I really love kitchen homewares, although I don’t have my own kitchen yet I have quite a collection building for when I move into my own place. I currently use my kitchen wares as blogging props and I can’t wait to make something that can be displayed on this wonderful cake stand.

Clean and Simple Eating | Lorna Jane
Again this was another item specifically on my Christmas wish list. I bought Lorna Jane’s cookbook Nourish, and although I don’t cook as much as I would like to I really loved the recipes in it, so I thought I would love to give this cookbook a go also. So far I am drooling over the brown rice Nasi Goreng, the turkey zucchini-layered lasagne, the sweet potato gnocchi, and the lazy chocolate mousse. Delicious!



Foldio2 | OrangeMonkey
Here is another awesome gift that was on this year’s wish list, you may remember me featuring this product on my Christmas Wishlist post a little while back. Well, I am so glad I received it this year, it is even better than I could have imagined… It comes with interchangeable backdrops, inbuilt lights which are dimmable, and awesome app and it folds away easily to make it light and portable. I have only used it a couple of times so far, but I already love it, and it has become a staple item for my bloggers lifestyle!



Of course my favourite gift this year was from Kody when he surprised me with my adorable Charlie bear about a month before Christmas! He is such a sweet boy and he has already changed my life… Now, every day I can’t wait to get up, play with him and teach him new tricks, he is such a smart puppy and it is so much fun teaching him new things…




For my Boxing Day celebrations I decided to style myself in cool and simple clothing items.
I wore a grey, high necked, midi dress that I had bought from Supre a few weeks earlier, my long black cardigan from Valleygirl, my black leather Miss Butterfly sandals which I bought back in October, my handbag from ASOS, also purchased last October, my leather wristband which I picked up in Bali and finally I wore my Marzio Fiorini Angel rubber necklace which I bought with my sister back in February when I went on my Melbourne escape.
I accented all these items of clothing with a very soft and neutral makeup pallet, with soft brown eyelids, a well-blended bronzer and my Covergirl Star Wars lipstick #70.



I hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas, New Year and holiday period in general! If you blogged about your own Christmas haul then leave a link in the comments, I would love to check it out!

What was your favourite Christmas gift this year?
Did you get anything particularly amazing?
What is your Christmas style?

Thanks for stopping by.

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