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In today’s post I am going to share my Christmas wishlist with you all! Where you all aware that Christmas is only 8 weeks and 2 days away! Because I didn’t! Panic stations! Now, I’m not going to lie, this post is about to make me sound terribly materialistic, but hey, you asked!
There is quite a bit I would like, and I am fully aware that I won’t be getting it all, if I get any. But I thought I would include as much as possible so that you can see what I am into right now!

Emisa Necklace: I love Emisa Collections  necklaces and two of my favourite styles are; Graduated Grey and Monochrome Triangle. I really love these unique designs, and I think they are relatively affordable at approximately $40 per necklace.

Fitbit Charge: I would really like a Fitbit for Christmas this year.  I have done a bit of research and I feel the Fitbit Charge, in black of course, would be best suited to my lifestyle, but at $170 I doubt I will be receiving one this year!

Polaroid: I am really loving Polaroid cameras at the moment, actually, I have been loving them for quite a while, and I would really like one. Well, I would like more than one, I have plans to use them at my wedding, but that will come in good time. Ideally I would like one in white or cream, Kmart sells the Instax Mini 8 Camera for $80, which seems like the standard price.

Yoga Mat: I would like a new yoga mat, I bought mine from Kmart before I really even started getting into fitness and it just isn’t up to standards. It is too cushioned, and it slides around whenever I try to move on it. Of course I would like a yoga mat which is made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials. I have my eye on two at the moment, my favourite is called ‘Leopard Floral’ from Kamuka, but at $130 I can’t justify it. I am also looking at one from Blogilates called ‘Kaleidoscope’, which is much more affordable at $46.

Windsor Smith Sandals: I have been crushing on these Windsor Smith Drillz Sandals in Tobacco for a while now, but at $150 a pair I will never buy them for myself. In fact, I don’t really want anyone else to buy them for me for that price either, but they sure are nice to look at!

Dafni Hair Straightener: If I knew that my friends and family had an unlimited budget, I might ask them for this Dafni Hair Straightener, which you can pick up from the Shaver Shop for $300. As you can see from the picture below this hair straightener is a little different, as it is shaped as a brush. Meaning all you have to do to straighten your hair is pull this brush through it. This would be perfect for me as I am simply appalling at anything hair related, including using straighteners.

Teeki Hot Pants: I would like a new pair of yoga pants, and I have my eye on the brand Teeki. Teeki make their clothes with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, they also use recycled plastic bottles in their fabric in an effort to reduce landfill! AMAZING! My favourite pants from Teeki at the moment are the Envisions Hot Pant and they are currently $72 a pair.

Foldio 2: This is such an amazing product, and I think it would be the perfect blogging resource, I want one so bad! If you haven’t heard about it before and you are a blogger then I think you should check it out. It is a fold-able, portable, 15 inch photo booth which has LED light strips, with a diffuser and a dimmer inbuilt, which makes the perfect backdrop for your perfect picture. The Foldio 2 also has an associated app, which allows more control over picture editing with basic smartphone cameras. All in all I think it looks insanely awesome, and totally worth the $75 it costs.

Breakfast at Tiffanys Eye Mask: Sometimes Kody likes to stay up later than I do, which means the room isn’t as dark as I would like. So I thought this might be a stylish and practical solution. Of course I couldn’t just use any old sleep mask, I really wanted one based of Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffanys. This one is just too cute!

Ugg Boots: I need a new pair of ugg boots, mine have been completely destroyed! I chose this pair from Uggys Genuine because I really love the outdoor sole and the warm, dark brown colour. However, they are pretty pricey!

Clean and Simple Eating Cookbook: I really love cookbooks, even though I don’t really cook very much, and when I do cook, I’m not very good at it. I have a steadily growing collection, and this Clean and Simple Eating Cookbook by Lorna Jane is another one I would like to add to my collection.

graduated grey

Graduated Grey Necklace from Emisa Collections.
RRP: $50







Monocrome Triangle

Monochrome Triangle Necklace from Emisa Collections.
RRP: $39







fitbit charge

Fitbit Charge from Fitbit.
RRP: $169.95











Instax Mini 8 Camera from Kmart.
RRP: $79







Leopard Floral Yoga Mat

Leopard Floral Yoga Mat from Kamuka.
RRP: $129










Kaleidoscope Yoga Mat

Kaleidoscope Yoga Mat from Blogilates.
RRP: $46






Drillz Sandals from Windsor Smith.
RRP: $149.95







Dafni Hair Straightener from the Shaver Shop.
RRP: $299








Envisions Hot Pant from Teeki.
RRP: $72








Foldio 2 from OrangeMonkie.
RRP: $75







Eye Mask

Breakfast at Tiffanys Eye Mask from The Sleepy Cottage.
RRP: $22.76





Ugg Boots

Outdoor Long Ugg Boots from Uggys Genuine.
RRP: $279.95







Clean and Simple Eating

Clean and Simple Eating Cookbook from Lorna Jane.
RRP: $29.99









What is on your Christmas wishlist?
Do you want anything specific?
Or are you just hoping for a surprise?

Thanks for stopping by.

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