{Lifestyle} Autumn Wishlist

Technically, another season arrived with the beginning of March… Autumn.

However, I don’t think anyone has told the Perth weather forecast that we are not officially out of summer! It’s still hot, and just getting humid instead of cooling down. I can’t wait to see the seasonal changes as they start taking effect.

This season I have created a wishlist which includes all the items I am currently longing for to get me through until the end of Autumn!

This season I would love the following items;

White Diamond Cut Candle – Rhubarb and Pear from Shine Bright Candle Co: I recently used up the last of my scented candles, so a new order is definitely needed. One scent which I am particularly longing for is Rhubarb and Pear. I think it is the perfect aroma to transition away from summer scents into something a little warmer.

Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser from Lush: I have heard of nothing but greatness when it come to this Lush cleanser and I really want to test it out for myself. With stress from the start of uni and the change in season my skin hasn’t been at its best, I’d love to see if this cleanser can do anything to fix it.

Metamorphosis Bath Bomb from Lush: How awesome does this dark new bath bomb from Lush look?! I’m so intrigued that it’s outer shell is black which fades into a fresh rainbow of colour as it dissolves.

Garden Composter from Bunnings: I’m really making an effort to complete my veggie garden and backyard updates before Autumn is over, one thing I do need to get is a compost bin. Any would be fine, although I do like the idea of compost tumblers, I just need to get one so that I can start composting my own soil and stop sending food scraps to landfill!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Nahz Fur Atoo from Sephora: I’ve wanted to try a Kat Von D liquid lipstick for quite a while now, and, although I have a few shades I wouldn’t mind picking up, I just think this crimson red is the perfect shade for Autumn.

Too Faced White Choc Chip Palette from Mecca: Can you believe that I still do not own any of the Too Faced chocolate palettes?! What better place to start my collection than with this limited edition, mini, white choc chip palette, and at $37 it is also much more affordable than its existing counterparts!

Pedro Ankle Boots – Tan from Wittner: I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful pair of shoes, I am completely besotted! They are just absolutely perfect for Autumn too, the perfect type of shoe, the perfect colour, the perfect material, the perfect height, and the most perfect embroidery I’ve ever seen! I don’t know how, but I have to get my hands on these!

Honey Punch Embroided Denim Jacket from ASOS: I’ve been after a denim jacket for as long as I can remember, but nothing quite suits what I am after. I saw this gorgeous jacket on the ASOS website and knew that it was love at first sight. Time to crush my dreams… my size was already sold out!

Yak Ales Perth Barbecue Festival 2017 Ticket from Moshtix: The Yak Ales Barbecue Festival is coming to Perth for the first time this year and I would absolutely love to attend. There will be barbecued food, competitions, exhibitors, demonstrations and even some international guests. Looks like it will be a fantastic day out and I know Kody and I would thoroughly enjoy it!

Beauty and the Beast Gold Lounge Tickets from Grand Cinemas: I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for the release of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast! It was one of my favourite movies as a child and Belle has always been my favourite Disney princess. I have tried to keep as far away from spoilers and trailers as possible because I want to walk in as a clean state, ready to absorb the movie. What better way to view it than in Gold Lounge?!

White Diamond Cut Candle – Rhubarb and Pear from Shine Bright Candle Co.

RRP: $40.00








Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser from Lush.

RRP: $17.50








Metamorphosis Bath Bomb from Lush.

RRP: $8.95








Garden Composter from Bunnings.

RRP: $139.00








Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Nahz Fur Atoo from Sephora.

RRP: $30.00







Too Faced White Choc Chip Palette from Mecca.

RRP: $37.00








Pedro Ankle Boots – Tan from Wittner.

RRP: $289.95








Honey Punch Embroided Denim Jacket from ASOS.

RRP: $118.00










Yak Ales Perth Barbecue Festival Perth Tickets from Moshtix.

RRP: $18.20








Beauty and the Beast Gold Lounge Tickets from Grand Cinemas.

RRP: $40.00











What are you looking forward to this Autumn?
Anything on your wishlist yet?
How is the weather wherever you are? Still hot?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. March 20, 2017 / 5:51 pm

    I’m so not ready for Autumn! Must see beauty and the beast 🙂

    • March 23, 2017 / 11:36 am

      I’m going to Beauty and the Beast tonight Alinta! I’m so excited, let me know if you go to see it too! Xx

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  2. March 21, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    You got my interest at compost bin! I have a compost and worm farm. Have you considered a worm farm? Some organisations do educational talks and supply you with a bin included in the cost. In NSW we have http://www.midwaste.org.au I wonder if there is anything similar in WA? I got my worm farm through them for $20 with a 2 hour workshop about composting!

    I’m so pleased when I hear of someone wanting to reduce landfill!

    I also LOVE Lush. Imagine a bathroom with little to no waste through use of all Lush Products. I’m currently using one of their solid shampoos!

    • March 23, 2017 / 11:39 am

      Wow, that organisation sounds amazing Meg, hopefully I can find something similar in Perth, as I’m also very interested in worm farming as well! $20 sounds like a bargain!
      Lush is absolutely fantastic, even the products that comes in packaging is environmentally friendly, as they accept their containers back to be re used! Xx

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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