{Fashion} March ’17 Thrifted Finds

Last month I had a few swap mart finds mixed into my thrifted finds post, I included them because the items were purchased second hand, even if it wasn’t technically from a thrift store. Well this month I didn’t get to any swap marts but I did end up going to two recycling centres and picking up an item from Pay It Forward Perth. So, naturally I included them in this post.

First up for the month my sister and I went into my favourite thrift store, Merriwa Thrift Store, for a $1 sale. I was very restrained and only bought a few items, I got two skirts, a blue jacket, a long sleeved, button up shirt, one t-shirt, a cute pair of suede boots and a scarf holder for my wardrobe, everything was $1 each!

When I went to the Tamala Park Recycling Centre they had this awesome, second hand compost bin for $20. I’ve been after a compost bin for ages now so I’m really glad I picked this up and can finally start composting all my organic scraps!

I also went to the Stirling Recycling Centre this month, I picked all of this up for $7. I bought two hanging baskets for my veggie garden (when it is finally finished), I also bought a pile of wooden spoons and  I have a garden project planned for them, so hopefully you will see more on these in a while (maybe, if I’m not too lazy). I also grabbed an environmental book and a pair of leather, steel capped boots.

I was generously gifted this TV cabinet from a lady of the Perth Pay It Forward Facebook page. It was free but turning it into my chicken coop has proved to be a lot of hard work. It should be completed in a few weeks so hopefully you will see more on this in the future too!

While I already have way too may pairs of shoes I just couldn’t resist this $6 pair of Sperry’s at the Heathridge Vinnies. I have seriously wanted a pair of Sperry’s for years! But they are so expensive, and shipping from the US on top just meant that they weren’t within my grasp, but now I have my very own pair, in near perfect condition too!

From the Clarkson Salvo’s store, I grabbed these cute shorts off their $1 rack, although summer is over I think they would be perfect to wear to the beach!

Finishing off where I started, at the Merriwa Thrift Store, I bought two dresses, Ojay and JeansWest, a purple Kmart tee and a new pair of llama and rainbow pajama shorts, all off the $1 rack! I also picked up two more wooden spoons to add to my collection for 50 cents each and a reusable string bag to put everything in for $3!

Do you ever go to recycling centres?
Did you thrift anything this month?
What was your favourite second hand purchase?

Thanks for stopping by.

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