{Fashion} August ’17 Thrifted Finds

I went a little overboard with the thrifting this month. I had a few boring days on my hands, and some time waiting between appointments, so I took the opportunity to look around. There were also a few good sales on, so it was hard to stay away… bargains on sale, amazing!

My first thrift shop of the month was a new store I stumbled onto, all clothes instore were $2 each and everything else was really well priced as well! I found this cute knit jumper from Dangerfield which I am completely in love with and have been wearing nonstop, I also got this amazing red body suit from Glamazon, I found a similar bodysuit of the same brand from LIVE for $60, so I’m happy about that! The grey and white skirt was from Flower, and it’s in absolutely perfect condition, and I found another similar skirt for $120! And, finally, the pink t-shirt is from Katies.

While waiting for an appointment next door I went through the Vinnies half price rack. I found these two, a bright chiffon button up shirt from H&M, and a soft woollen jumper from Target for only $2.50 each.

While shopping with my mum she bought me these Life + Style Boyfriend jeans, they were the half-priced colour of the day and only cost her $2.

I also grabbed this amazing leather jacket for half price, at only $12.50, and $10 for these awesome leather Femme Seed Heritage boots! I seriously have been living in these boots recently, I love them!

At the same thrift store that sells all their clothes for $2 I picked up this cute white long sleeve crop top from Who I Am, and a bright orange top as well. I picked up an oversized cardigan from JayJays, and a blue and white stripped maxi dress too!

A sale at my local thrift store saw me buy this navy, Australian vintage, woollen trench coat for $2. A complete bargain, but I am considering changing the buttons on it, as I’m not a huge fan of these. I also grabbed 4 books for $1, I got The Genius of Dogs, The Lovely Bones, The Importance of Being a Kennedy and a brand new adult colouring book, Secret Paris.

At my third trip to the same thrift store in one month, the one where all clothes are $2, I bought some vintage Just Jeans Overalls, as well as a vintage Sports Girl denim vest, a long sleeved knit dress from Mooloola and a Rogz reflective harness, in Charlies size, for $1! Good timing too, I needed a new harness for him, and this is the exact one I was looking at in the pet store! It matches Charlies collar, and Theos harness too!

My favourite thrift store also had a $1 sale this month! Everything instore was only $1 each. I bought a pair of waisted Blockout jeans, a gorgeous eb&ive grey and white, paisley, maxi dress, some bright red ankle boots from Betts, and a cute tribal mini dress from Rockmans!

What did you thrift this month?
Did you find any amazing bargains?
Do you have a favourite store to thrift in?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. September 3, 2017 / 9:02 pm

    Oh you did get so many great finds in August! It’s impossible to pick a favourite piece, they are all so good!

    I wish I had more time for thrift shopping, it’s hard with two toddlers. I can usually swing a quick browse in the mornings but I don’t get to look for long before I have to chase a toddler or stop a toddler tipping all the toys out everywhere, haha!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • October 14, 2017 / 7:37 pm

      Thanks Mica, I’m loving these picks too!
      Haha, I’m sure your kids make shopping a bit chaotic, but if you can you should definitely try to take some time to yourself and go thrifting! Xx

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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