{DIY} Make Your Own R2-D2 Costume

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As you all probably know, unless you have been living under a rock which has blocked your social media’s Wi-Fi, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released in December. Kody and I attended the midnight screening with eager anticipation and awesome homemade costumes!

Kody managed to source his Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi costume by borrowing, making and purchasing the components, while I got stuck into creating my very own version of R2-D2!

I love that this costume is so recognisable, yet still has a creative side to it! I love that it is feminine and geeky without being over the top, I may be alone in this opinion but I feel that I could still wear the dress out, without the hat, and it would look cute and geeky, without looking like a costume.

White dress.
Metal bowl.
Piece of piping.
Black, grey and blue fabric paint.
White and red acrylic paint (blue optional).
Silver Rub’n’Buff.
Blue tack.
Cardboard box (optional).


Step 1.
First off I drew up my plans for my costume, using multiple pictures of R2-D2 from the movies as reference points.


Step 2. After I had drawn up my plan I bought my key supplies, for me these included a white, tight fitting, midi dress from Supre, a metal salad bowl from Kmart, a headband, also from Kmart, and blue, black and grey fabric paint from Lincraft. Everything else required I already owned.


Step 3. Once the supplies were sorted I started drawing up my shapes and cutting out their templates. Unfortunately this was possibly one of the hardest parts because it involved a little math.

Once I was happy with all the shapes I pinned them in place on the dress.


Step 4. Slowly and carefully I used a pencil to trace the outline of each template onto my dress, taking the paper template and pins out as I went.


Step 5. Then I unfolded a cardboard box which was destined for the recycling bin and cut it into the rough shape of my dress, inserting it into the dress to ensure no fabric paint could seep into the back layer of the dress and it would remain on the front of the dress only.


Step 6. Next I got comfy in bed with Star Wars on in the background and started filling in the outlines I had pre-drawn with the desired paint colour, or going over the outlines with a thin line of black paint.


Step 7. The hat was without a doubt the most difficult part because of its spherical shape, it didn’t want to cooperate with my straight templates. However, I had to just let go of the perfectionism for a while and look at the bigger picture instead of every individual line.

Again I created paper templates and attached them to the bowl, drawing their outline onto the bowl with a pencil.


Step 8. Once the outlines were set I applied the first coat of paint, I used the fabric paint on the bowl, it worked okay but had a tendency to flake after a while, which I’m not sure acrylic paint would have done.


Step 9. The hat required two full coats of paint and a third touch up layer before I was happy with the coverage.


Step 10. I then used silver Rub’n’Buff to turn a white piece of pipe silver. Technically R2-D2 should have three of these pipe pieces attached to his head, however, I only had one piece so I decided to only stick it on the front.


Step 11. I then used super glue to attach the pipe onto my hat in the black space I had left for it on the front.


Step 12. The fruit bowl I bought was a little too deep for my head, and since I wanted to be able to actually see I decided to give it a boost. I used a hair doughnut which I never wore because it gave the perfect height I was after, however, you could use almost anything, such as some foam, or go without. I attached the hair doughnut to my headband with glue and a pop stick for extra support.


Step 13. I then glued the hair doughnut into my hat. My original plan was to use duct tape and only tape the headband in so it was reusable, but because of the height boost and hair doughnut I had to glue it in instead.







Have you seen The Force Awakens yet?
What did you think of it?
Do you love making fun and creative DIY costumes?

Thanks for stopping by.

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