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Friday marked the beginning of Priceline’s free cosmetic bag promotion. This promotion will continue until the 17th of May, while stocks last, so if you are keen for your very own free cosmetics bag then I suggest you hurry instore! Basically Priceline give you the cosmetic bag, valued at over $180, when you spend over $60 instore or online from selected cosmetic brands. I had a few items that I had been eyeing off, and I knew I needed this cosmetic bag, so bright and early Friday morning I headed into my local store with a list in hand!


I chose a total of four items to get my cart over $60 and to qualify for the free cosmetic bag, thankfully I managed to get almost all my items on sale! Maybelline was 30% off at the time and I had a $5 off L’oreal coupon too!
The items I chose to buy included the Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Pallet, I’ve had my eye on this pallet ever since it came out, and it is filled with gorgeous matte and shimmery nude shades which I know I will use!
I also bought the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil in Red Essential. I bought two of these lip pencils at Priceline’s 40% off cosmetics sale a few months ago and just fell in love with the formula, therefore I had to add more shades to my collection!
Another lip product I have been eyeing off for a while is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour, and at $23.95 it might be one of the most expensive lip products I own, I am a sale price kinda girl! I bought this lip colour in the Passion shade.
Lastly I bought L’oreal Nude Magique BB Cream in Light Skin Tone. I was sent a sample of this product by Priceline and I just loved it! It provides such a lightweight and even coverage I have seen from a BB cream or a liquid foundation!


Within the cosmetic gift bag I received two Essie nail products, the Good To Go top coat and a light pink polish shade called Not Just a Pretty Face, the light pink shade really isn’t one I will use very often, as I tend to gravitate towards darker polishes, but I am not upset about adding it to my collection in any way!
The Physicians Formula product that I received was Nude Eyeshadow Pallet, which I was incredibly grateful about. I love my nude eyeshadows and I’m sure this adorable little pallet will get plenty of love!
And although it isn’t a cosmetic item I also received the Versace Bright Crystal fragrance. So far I am neither here nor there about the scent, but the bottle is adorable!


My cosmetic bag also contained a loofa from EcoTools, some Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads, which I was running low on and needed to buy more of, score, as well as a little sample of L’oreal Base Magique, which is a transforming, smoothing primer.


Some more eye products that were included in the bag was the L’oreal Super Liner Smokissime in Brown Smoke shade, this product is a smoky effect powder eyeliner pen, it’s very interesting, very different from every eyeliner I have ever used!
I also received the Models Prefer Nude Cream Eyeshadow in Glisten, which is also a shade that I will use regularly, it is almost like a shimmery bronze colour, so I am happy with this product too!
Maybelline Master Graphic was also included, this is a liquid marker eyeliner which provides a bold and graphic look. It is basically shaped like an old school thick and slanted permanent marker, I feel that this product will take some practice, but it has potential.
The Australis Metallix Eyeshadow was also included in this bag, which is particularly awesome because it has always been sold out whenever I go to buy it on sale, so I am so happy to finally get to try this product out. I got the shade Guns and Rose Petals and this eyeshadow is extremely shiny, metallic and pigmented!


And finally my cosmetic bag contained a Nude by Nature Undercover Airbrush Primer, which I have been looking to buy for some time, but never actually carried through, so I am so happy to finally have it! I also received the Savvy Clear Brow Gel, at the moment I am using Maybelline brow mascara, but once it runs out I will switch to the Savvy one to sample it. Lastly I got this Revlon Matte Balm in Standout Remarquable, again this is a shade I will definitely use, in fact I already have used it, and it was also a product that I have wanted to try for a while now.

In conclusion I felt that almost every item was an item that I already wanted, or that I will definitely use, which is really good for a free cosmetic bag. Everything seemed to match my colour pallet, and I am so excited to start using all of these products! If you want the free Priceline cosmetic bag make sure you head instore before the 17th of May!

Have you got your free Priceline cosmetic bag yet?
Did it contain anything different from mine?
Did you get colours and shades that suited you?

Thanks for stopping by.

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