{Beauty} October “Spring Racing Carnival” Bellabox Review


I know this post is incredibly late, and I contemplated not publishing it at all, but I really wanted to round out my series and write my final (at least for now) bellabox review. I’m going to be honest, since cancelling my subscription I have already seen other people’s November and December boxes and I was a bit jealous, maybe I’ll restart this series again one day, but for now this is my final post on the subject.


The October box was themed “Spring Racing Carnival”, which I am presuming is because the Melbourne Cup (a prominent Australian horse race) is held in October every year. This box contained six items, which were all sized quite well, and a voucher for $100 off Virgin Wines.

The October Box contained;
1. Universal Beauty Cosmetics Tint Stick – Siren.
2. Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Mask.
3. Neon & Co. Leave In Ampoule Shot.
4. Batiste Dry Shampoo – Cherry.
5. Cetaphil Daily Advence Ultra Hydrating Lotion.
6. Dermal Therapy Heel Balm.
7. Virgin Wine Club Discount Redemption Code.


1. The first product I saw was the Universal Beauty Cosmetics Tint Stick in the shade Siren. I was really pleased that I received this product in a red shade as they had already sent me a pink UB Tint Stick last December, and I really didn’t want doubles! This tint stick feels like there is nothing at all on your lips, it doesn’t smudge easily and it lasts for hours! I also really like the pen nib as the narrow side allows for a precise application whereas the flat of the nib lets you fill in your lip quickly.


2. Second from the October bellabox was this Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Mask. I know this bellabox review is late and therefore time is not an excuse but I actually haven’t tried this mask yet. I’ve been meaning to, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. At this point all that I can offer is a review in my monthly empties post after I finally use it up!


3. The Spring Racing Carnival bellabox also contained a small bottle of Neon & Co. Leave In Ampoule Shot, I have used this a few times, and have found that it is great for restoring softness and shine back into my hair! After I apply a few drops of this product to my damp hair and rub it in my hair feels so light, soft and shiny. The shot also smells fantastic, very sweet, almost like lollies.


4. I also received a travel sized can of Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent Cherry. As you all probably know, I am a huge fan of Batiste dry shampoo, I basically go through a can a month in my empties posts, but I have never tried the cherry scent. I must admit that it is very nice and sweet, although in future I will still continue to buy the tropical scent. I’m loving having a mini travel bottle to carry around with me in my handbag!


5. The last non-bonus item I received was this small tube of Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion, again, same as the Skin Republic mask, I haven’t tried this yet. It went into my box of to-be-tested skincare products and it hasn’t seen the light of day since. Sorry guys, keep your eyes open for its eventual feature in my empties post!


6. The bonus product of the month was Dermal Therapy Heel Balm, this will be the third time bellabox have sent this product to me (are they trying to tell me something?), but at least I was excited to get it this time as it wasn’t just a 3g sample and there was an actual product to sample! When they sent it to me in February I only got one or two applications from the tiny sample, so I’m definitely keen to see (or not see) some real results this time!


7. And lastly they included this voucher for Virgin Wines (why?) which I’m fairly certain has expired already. Sorry guys, I know it is an extra bonus product, but why bother include it, it just looks like desperate marketing and it’s not beauty related…

Did you get all the same products in your bellabox?
What did you think of the Virgin Wines voucher?
Have you recently cancelled your subscription too?

Thanks for stopping by.

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