{Beauty} May ’17 Lip Monthly Review

This May I decided to grab another Lip Monthly bag, while it was on sale for only $5USD. This is a great subscription service, delivering 4-5 full sized lip products to your door each month, straight from the US. There is a whole different market than we are used to in Australia, so there are lots of new brands to be discovered.

If you are interested, I reviewed the June ’16 Lip Monthly bag last year, so you can check that out here.

The May products were packaged in a small canvas beauty bag, which was bright yellow and had a pattern of white daises on it. I’m actually a huge fan of this little bag, and I think it is cute packaging idea for a subscription service. First out of the bag was a cute little card which explained all the products on it, including their USD price.

Bang Beauty Gloss – Rosie | $18USD
The first item I pulled out of the bag was this cute tube of Bang Beauty Gloss in the shade Rosie. It’s a bright, cotton candy shade of pink, it isn’t particularly pigmented, however, it remains bright once applied. It smells deliciously of strawberries!

Luna Eye Shadow Crayon – Mystic | $24USD
This chubby eye crayon is a gorgeous shade, a beautiful metallic bronze. I love that this was a full-sized product, however, I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual eye shadow. I found that it creased badly on my lids, I think I may need to play around with it a little more before I fully decide how I feel about it.

Starlooks Lip Liner – Sublime | $19USD
This lip liner is in a gorgeous dusky nude shade, I think it might be a perfect match up to my MAC Brave Lipstick! It is a very firm pencil, yet is still creamy, and it is supposed to be ultra long wearing, although I haven’t put it to the test yet. Definitely excited to try it out along side my tube of MAC Brave.

City Colour Dual Lip Wand – Rose | $4USD
This product seems quite cheap, especially when compared with the other products supplied in this subscription bag. However, the colour is quite nice, a classic creamy rose shade, although it doesn’t payoff well once applied. The lipstick was creamy, but patchy and the gloss side of the tube had barely any colour tint to it at all. Another thing I didn’t enjoy about it was its smell, it smelt strongly, but it had a chemical-ish scent to it, nothing nice. Sorry City Colour, but this one is going in the bin!

May ’17 Lip Monthly swatches, top to bottom; Bang Beauty Gloss – Rosie, Dual Lip Wand – Rose lipstick and lip gloss, Starlooks Lip Liner – Sublime and Luna Eye Shadow Crayon – Mystic.

All in all, I thought this bag was a bit of fun, but the only product I will probably continue to use is the Starlooks Lip Liner, as I felt the Bang Beauty Gloss wasn’t in a shade that suited me, and the quality just wasn’t there for the Luna Eye Shadow Crayon and the City Colour Dual Lip Wand. For $5USD I wasn’t disappointed, I had some fun, and tried out a few products I hadn’t heard of before.

Have you tried the Lip Monthly subscription service before?
What did you think of the products supplied this month?
Have you tried any of these brands/products before?

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