{Beauty} March ’17 Empties

This March I managed to use up a total of 19 beauty products, my largest total for 2017 to date! I’m going to be honest though, it mostly all comes down to bath bombs… I did a lot of relaxing this month, but hey, I needed it!

Skincare Products:

SmartSkin Moisturising Facial Cleansing Wipes | $2.50 (25pk)
I keep adding these face wipes in with my groceries because they are just so cheap and convenient! They definitely aren’t the best facial wipes I’ve used, but they aren’t the worst either… They are soft and leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed, although they aren’t great at actually removing any makeup. Since they are so cheap they are also a good option for cleaning down your makeup station or products.

Repurchase decision: I’ll probably be buying them again, they are just so cheap!

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil | $55.00 (30mL)
I’ve tried a sample of this product before, and I liked it. Last time I only applied a small amount to my under eye area, however, this time I used it as an all over facial oil, and I have to say I didn’t like it as much. You really only need the smallest amount, this tiny sachet does about two or three applications, and if you use too much then it just doesn’t feel nice…

Repurchase decision: I’m having a hard time deciding on this one. But I think it is a no this time…

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel | $24.99 (50g)
Okay, come on guys, I basically drink this stuff like it’s, well… water! (FYI, don”t actually drink this stuff!) Kody and I are almost going through a tub a month at the moment. I’m still in love!

Repurchase decision: Yes!!

Cosmetic Products:

Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint – Ivory | $81.00 (30mL)
I received a little 2mL sample of this Hourglass foundation and it actually lasted quite well, considering the small sample size, and I got around 3 applications from it. Since I mostly use BB and CC creams, I found this foundation to be quite thick, but still creamy. Being thicker than my regular base products it also provided more coverage than I generally get. To date I have to say that this is the only fuller coverage foundation I actually like, although Ivory was not my perfect shade…

Repurchase decision: I would like to get colour matched and try this foundation again, if it goes well I would consider paying the price!

Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara – Extreme Black | $15.50
This baby arrived in my April ’16 “Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate” Bellabox, and it feels like it lasted me a really long time! When I first got it I said that it was clumpy and difficult to apply, I still agree with that statement, although the more I used it the easier it became to apply, I guess I got the hang of it. Like my initial review, I thought it gave great volume to my lashes, and I thought they looked fantastic when I wore this!

Repurchase decision: Yes, I would buy this again.

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation – Light Medium | $49.00 (11g)
From what I saw of this sample, I liked it. But the sample was very sparse, I literally dabbed my brush once and it was gone. Of course, the chocolate scent was a huge plus for me, yumm…

Repurchase decision: I didn’t love it enough with one swipe to pay $50 a pop, but I definitely didn’t dislike it either!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara – Transparent | $12.95
I originally received this for my birthday last year, however, I stopped using it and moved to the same product but in the shade dark brown. Once that was used up I decided to finish off this transparent tube. At first, I bought transparent because my brows are already quite thick and dark, I didn’t feel I needed to add any more colour… However, the transparent tube sometimes dries white and a little lumpy, which really stands out against my super dark brows. I have since learned that dark brown is my perfect shade…

Repurchase decision: I have already bought another tube of the dark brown brow mascara, however, transparent is much better suited to those with light brows.

Fragrance Products:

Jo Malone London Cologne – Grapefruit | $98.00 (30mL)
I wanted to like this, Jo Malone, it’s such a luxurious and expensive brand. However, I couldn’t even finish the tiny little sample I was given, I hated the scent that much. I apologise to anyone who actually likes this, but it was absolutely not for me!

Repurchase decision: No.

Body Products:

Lush Guardians of the Forrest Bath Bomb | $7.95
I’m not 100% sure how to describe this, but it did kinda smell “woody”. Its key scents were cypress, oakmoss and rosewood oil, a beautiful and calming concoction. While I sat in my tub which this incredibly green bath bomb bubbling away and a green face mask on I actually thought I looked a little like a witch, sitting in a bubbling green cauldron haha!!

Repurchase decision: Yes, I loved the calming scent this bath bomb provided.

Lush Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb | $6.95
This bath bomb had a beautiful rosy scent, and it was gorgeous how the dried rose buds floated around the tub. But I just didn’t find it very exciting… I love bath bombs that are exciting, and you can see your bath change colour, to me, this one just didn’t do enough.

Repurchase decision: Probably not.

Lush Super Dad Bath Bomb | $6.95
This was the limited-edition bath bomb for father’s day, unfortunately it got tucked away at the back of the bathroom cupboard, forgotten about and completely squashed… I tried to use it up this month, however, because it was just a little bag of bath bomb powder by the time I used it I found it quite underwhelming, probably not a fair assessment then.

Repurchase decision: Nah, it wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb | $6.95
This bath bomb starts which a luxurious white foam and then dissolves down to a bubbling orange centre, it was a lot of fun to bathe with! The scent was beautiful, fresh and invigorating!

Repurchase decision: It’s not an all-time fave, but I would still get it again.

Lush Ladybird Bubble Bar | $8.95
I ended up using the entirety of this bubble bar at once, which was overkill, but it was also a really aromatic and bubbly bath and an all-round great experience. The main scent in this bubble bar is geranium, which is usually a scent I cannot stand; however, this was absolutely delightful!

Repurchase decision: Yes, I would get this one again, I thought it smelt delicious!

Olay Moisturising Lotion for Sensitive Skin | $14.99 (150mL)
I have used this moisturiser for years, but recently I have been trying to finish off the bottle by using it as a body lotion. I find this moisturiser is really good, although it isn’t an absolute favourite, and it is the right consistency not to leave me with a breakout the next day, which cream moisturisers tend to do. Once you get down to only a quarter left of the bottle it starts becoming very hard to dispense from the bottle, and I much prefer the tub version of this product.

Repurchase decision: Yes, I already have another one ready to go, but in a tub instead!

Hair Care Products:

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo | $30.00 (240mL)
I had this 60mL sample of Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo, what an amazing brand! I love the quality of products from this brand, and can I just say that this shampoo smells exactly like lemon Turkish delight! Delicious!

Repurchase decision: If I were a richer person I would love to buy this brand regularly.

Hask Charcoal Purifying Deep Conditioner Sachet | $4.99 (50g)
This product was included in the recent Priceline Haircare Gift Bag, and I’m not sure if I used way too much product at once (I divided the sachet into two applications), or what, but I could not wash this product out of my hair! After leaving it in my hair to soak I washed it out with shampoo, twice, nothing happened. I decided to let it dry, sleep on it and see what happens… the next morning my hair was stuck together in stringy clumps. Not ideal. Has anyone had anything like this happen with a hair mask? What did I do wrong?

Repurchase decision: No, not if that was what was meant to happen.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Sweetie | $9.99 (200mL)
The Sweetie Batiste Dry Shampoo is scented with vanilla and raspberry… I think I may have just found my new favourite. I go through at least one bottle of dry shampoo a month, you guys know I love this stuff, but seriously each scent is getting better and better, it’s so hard to pick a favourite!

Repurchase decision: Yes!!

Keune Derma Regulating Shampoo | $20.00 (250mL)
I love this shampoo, I don’t use it all the time, but I think it is a great treat for my super oily hair! I might be imagining it, but I think my hair can learn to adapt to new shampoos and produces extra oil, aren’t I lucky! So, I like mixing up my shampoos, just to keep my hair guessing what’s coming next! Haha!

Repurchase decision: Yes, I like grabbing a few bottles a year.

Schwarzkopf Strong Styling Hairspray | $8.99 (500g)
Kody and I have used up yet another can of our favourite hair spray! I am still yet to find a better hairspray, I love how light, yet strong, this Schwarzkopf one is!

Repurchase decision: Already have…

What did you use up this month?
What was your favourite product?
Have you used any of these products before?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. April 21, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    Good old Hydro Boost delivering the goods yet again. šŸ˜‰ I REALLY love The Body Shop’s Oils of Life Sleeping Cream for night time. If you’re on the fence about repurchasing the facial oil, maybe something else from the same range may be an option? Obviously a facial oil and a night cream are different things, but I highly recommend the Sleeping Cream from the Oils of Life collection.

    You used so many bath bombs, girl! Treat yo’self. šŸ˜‰ Tisty Toasty was a meh for me too (and cleaning the tub afterwards was annoying) but I really enjoyed Dragons’ Egg. I’d like to try Guardians of the Forest some time. šŸ™‚

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    • April 25, 2017 / 12:11 pm

      It never fails!
      I’ll have to remember to try the sleeping cream now, sounds pretty good…

      Oh my god! So many bath bombs this month! I don’t even know how I went through them all! I think I may have preferred the Titsy Totsy bath bomb if it wasn’t quite so hyped up, I just had much bigger expectations from it! Definitely try the Guardians of the Forest bomb soon, and let me know if you felt a little like an evil witch too lol xx

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  2. April 23, 2017 / 3:05 pm

    I’ll have to check out the hourglass foundation. I love the hask masks but I haven’t tried that one. They do take a couple of mins to wash out but easily wash out without shampoo so that one must be different.

    • April 25, 2017 / 12:14 pm

      Yeah, I spent quite a long time trying to get it out of my hair, but it just didn’t seem to want to budge, I’m pretty convinced that I must have used way too much! I don’t really have much hair for it to soak through… Let me know what you think of the Hourglass foundation when you try it! Xx

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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