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makeup haul

This week I was gifted the most amazing and extensive makeup haul you can imagine! Kody’s mum has an incredible makeup collection and she decided to do a little de-cluttering, meaning that everything that she didn’t feel was right for her came to me. Most items were still practically new, only being swatched before coming my way, some items were still brand new in their packaging! Everything I received was good quality and in good condition!


Out of everything I received, if I had to pick five favourite items they would be;
1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
2. M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish – Northern Light
3. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush
4. NARS The Multiple – Orgasm
5. Kevyn Aucoin Cloudaine – Baby Pink


My current brush collection totalled six brushes, so you can imagine that I was thrilled to receive eleven more brushes! Of course these new brushes are now filling some huge gaps I had in my makeup application needs. I have a whole range of new sizes, textures and shapes to trial. Some of the stand outs include the Hakuhodo S103 Brush (first from the top), the Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush (second from the top) and the two Sigma brushes (fourth and fifth from the top).


I also received seven new nail polishes. Four out of the seven have a shimmer or glitter in them, one is a gel top coat and two are solid colour polishes. I think my favourite out of these would probably be Tristam by England (second from the right) from their Mythicals collection, as I have heard nothing but praise for their formula and also they are incredibly hard to get in Australia as they are a UK brand.


I received a few eye products that were not eyeshadow palettes, these being liquid eyeliners and cream eyeshadow pencils. Although the eyeliner is Maybelline brand Kody’s mum was telling me that she actually had to purchase these from the US as they are not available in Australia. Apparently they were praised really highly by US beauty vloggers and she wanted to try them out, but very quickly decided they weren’t her style.


Model Co

You know me, lip products are my favourite and this haul did not disappoint! I have quite a few sample sized lip products, but I am still really excited to try them out. The new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lipstick samples look amazing, I also love the Model Co Stiletto lipstick, I was so close to purchasing this myself the other day, I am so glad I held off because I have a tube now anyway! However, two tubes would not have phased me, the colour is fantastic. I have been loving my super stay lipsticks lately, what’s not to love? So I was super excited when I received the Covergirl version, 24hr Outlast in Plum Berry, I am definitely looking forward to trying this one out. As I said at the start of this post one of my absolute favourite products from this haul would have to be Cloudaine in Baby Pink by Kevyn Aucoin. Although I am usually a lipstick girl, not really into lip gloss’s I absolutely loved the texture and feel of this product, along with its subtle colour and divine aroma!



Blushes and bronzers, although I didn’t receive many this category was completely filled with excitement for me. My first ever M.A.C and NARS products! I know it’s a little appalling, but I’m really only just starting to find my feet in the world of makeup, at 21 years of age I think it about time! Although I am not usually a huge fan of blush, and I will usually choose a bronzer over blush any day I think these products may have converted me. I absolutely love both of them! Speaking of bronzers I am also pretty excited for this Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer I was given, it is unlike any I have previously used as it is in liquid form. Very interesting indeed.



Naked Pallet

You know how I just got over saying how super excited I was about my first ever M.A.C and NARS products? Well that excitement was negligible compared to me receiving this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have long drooled after these palettes, considering them an important beauty staple for any woman, but never owning one myself. Well… it is even more breathtaking in person! I absolutely love every colour in the extensive palette, and I feel that I will use every single one of them. I also received two Becca palettes, Enigma and Lost Weekend, as well as Fallen Angel from Charlotte Tilbury and Chocolate Linger Colour Crush from the Body Shop. All very beautiful!



Sugar Pop

The last four items I received was two Laura Mercier eyeshadow palettes, Mauve and Chambord, the Model Co Smokey Eye palette and the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette. Out of these my favourites would be the matte black shade from the Model Co palette and the neutral or matte shades from the Too Faced palette, Rock Candy, Macaron, Malted Milk Ball, Blackberry and Peach Fuzz!

Do you already own any of these products?
Are you in love with them?
Or are some on your wish list?

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