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I just wanted to provide a quick and very handy service announcement to those who may not know how to get their free MAC lipstick!
I only recently found out that you could do this, and even more surprising to me was that it is available in Australia.

MAC offer a rewards system, Back to MAC, where you are able to trade in six empty, full sized, MAC product containers for one of their black bullet range lipsticks. I found out about this rewards program and went on my merry way, collecting empty MAC containers that had been gifted to me (empty). Once I had enough containers I found my local MAC counter that could assist me with the Back to MAC program, which was held inside the Joondalup Lakeside Myer. I had conducted a small amount of research on what shade I was after, but seeing them all laid out in store I was completely taken aback!
There were more shades than I could even think of. The lovely MAC beautician in Myer helped me choose my perfect shade, and I happily handed over six empty containers for my new MAC lipstick, Brave.





I decided that Brave was the shade for me as it was a dark, but pinkish nude colour. My lips are naturally quite pink so light nude shades don’t tend to work well on me, and I really wanted a nice and simple colour that would go with anything, at any time!




Have you ever taken advantage of the Back to MAC program before?
What is your favourite shade of MAC lipstick?
Have you ever tried the shade Brave before?

Thanks for stopping by.

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