{Beauty} A Lush Christmas

Last month I popped into the Lush store in the Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre and picked out a few items from their limited edition Christmas range. Lush do have quite a bit to choose from when it comes to their holiday ranges and this year was no exception. It was actually quite difficult to choose only four products!

In the end, I decided on three of the festive limited edition bath bombs and a tub of lip scrub, I know I could have added a whole lot more into my basket, but I decided that three bath bombs would give me one bath a week until Christmas, and I grabbed the lip scrub because I couldn’t resist the smell!

The Santa Baby lip scrub has a delicious scent which is inspired by cola, but is made from natural ingredients such as cherries and dates to get it’s delicious smell! Upon opening the tub there is a little cluster of red edible hearts, which really added a nice touch to the presentation. Another plus this scrub has going for it is the taste, it’s much sweeter than the popcorn scrub I bought a while back, and I much prefer the flavour of Santa Baby!

My favourite of the three Christmas bath bombs I tested was definitely the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb! This bath bomb had a gorgeous golden outside layer, coated in golden shimmer, once this outside layer dissolved the bath bomb let out dark blue and green hues before swirling a rainbow of colours into my bath, and leaving tiny golden stars floating in my bathtub! Although the picture doesn’t do the colours justice I have a picture of me using this bath bomb on my personal Instagram account, which you can see here.

My second favourite pick out of these three was the Snow Angel Bath Melt. This was different to any other bath product I have previously tried from Lush, as it was a melt, not a bubble bar or bomb. I simply let the snow angel soak in my tub with me and slowly it dissolved, releasing its scent and covering my bath water with a subtle white foam. The snow angel also has the golden shimmer in it, however, it has far more than was in the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, and even after a shower I still had a golden glow to my skin! If you would like to see a picture of my bath tub after this melt dissolved, then go to my personal Instagram account here.

Lastly, I have the So White Bath Bomb, this isn’t last because it was bad, I just preferred the other two more. In fact, this was still a really nice bath bomb with a crisp apple scent to it. The So White bath bomb had an intense white foam to begin with, which soon turned into a spinning ball of yellow and blue, once combined in the tub the water turned into a bright and fresh green shade! See a picture here from my personal Insta account.

Have you tried any of the limited edition Lush items?
What is your favourite item from Lush this Christmas?
What bath bomb that I have spoken about is your favourite?

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